The End of the Tour : This or Frost/Nixon ??

This or Frost/Nixon ??

Now I know it's obviously a much different film which took place at a very different time on a whole different topic. That being said, they are both about a writer/journalist on a multiple day story on a famous persons work that changed lives.
Which did you guys like better ??


Re: This or Frost/Nixon ??

The End of the Tour was so much more amazing to watch, the first time. I love Frost/Nixon, but it took me 3 tries to appreciate it because initially it's subject matter seemed dated and not as impactful as it tried to come off as. It's now one of my favorites, but T.E.O.T.T is just so engrossing, and a beautiful tribute to David Foster Wallace.

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Frost/Nixon is one of the greatest movies ever made. This is a good movie, but nowhere near Frost/Nixon.

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Frost/Nixon is great, and it was made even more noteworthy when David Frost died a couple of years ago.
But it didn't make me cry. The End of the Tour always makes me cry at the end. I watched it in a theater six times. I walked out before its final few minutes three times because I didn't want to be a wreck when I walked out of the theater.
Now that I own it on Blu Ray I can shed a few tears in the privacy of my own apartment.

Edit: I also want to add that I like that the other film humanized Nixon. Like Wallace, people should see him as a brilliant, fascinating character even if he was obviously seriously flawed. In contrast, in George W. Bush's case, I couldn't give a f--k about anything that he wants to say about anything.
Some people aren't just seriously flawed-- they're inexcusably stupid and uninteresting.