The End of the Tour : Segel's performance

Segel's performance

Jason Segel doesn't tackle the OCD persona that Wallace had... He created a fine character, but it's not close to Foster's real persona (or at least the persona he showed in his interviews).

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Re: Segel's performance

Jason Segel's idea of "acting" is to sound drowsy most of the time. He ruined the film for me.

Re: Segel's performance

^ lol this

Ain't buying him in anything but comedic roles but im still seeing this movie tonight.

Re: Segel's performance

Regardless of whether he impersonated DFW accurately, this is the only time I've ever liked Segel. Forgetting Sarah Marshall was so terrible it poisoned me on Segel for life. But this was good.

Re: Segel's performance

I only watched 40 minutes of the movie because I had to turn it off and go to sleep, but from what I saw, I thought Segal did a pretty good job portraying David's awkward and quirky side, as well as the solitary life David tend to lead. Not only that, there was one scene in the movie that captured Foster Wallace's anxiety quite well. I forget what they were talking about in the kitchen. Segal gave this microexpression that's exemplary of what a nervous person would look like. I saw the same look on David's face in this interview he did somewhere in 1996, I think.

Re: Segel's performance

I really liked Segel in this ~

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