The End of the Tour : Going out on a limb here …

Going out on a limb here …

OK, I know nothing about David Foster Wallace other than I got from seeing this movie tonight.
Well, I also read a litte of the Wikipedia page as well. It says he had a terrible depression which
drove him to commit suicide.

I wonder if the diet of junk that he ate was actually the truth and if he had ever tried not eating
all that crap, that now we know, ( and 2008 when he committed suicide, was not that long ago )
is terrible for our physical and mental health.

When I see the picture of him in Wikipedia he looks within normal parameters as a human being,
but when I saw the movie it made him look like an out on the fringes lunatic, obsessed with being
self-conscious him image.

I just wonder what informed the story and the acting in this movie ... I would have much rather
preferred this to be fictional rather than about someone who it is so obvious would probably
want nothing to do with this movie that trades off his demise. It sounds like it was the typical,
well - might have been - the typical Hollywood vampires, seeing relatives that perhaps would
have liked to make money and sold the rights to DFW's story for some money, and the writers
who aimed to make another writer movie.

Anyway, I liked the movie, but the more I learn about it and the more I think about it the
more average it gets in my mind.

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His family was against the movie being made.


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He was a genius. Very hard to live in a world as a genius. Most kill themselves. It becomes too much to continue listening to stupid people talk.

Re: Going out on a limb here …

He committed suicide shortly after stopping an anti-depressant. That's telltale evidence of a chemical imbalance. Poor diet exacerbate symptoms of a chemical imbalance, but diet alone cannot cure a chemical imbalance.