The End of the Tour : My humble review on the film as a hardcore DFW fan

My humble review on the film as a hardcore DFW fan

I had to voice record it because i just sort of had to open up about it after seeing it. It made me feel a lot of things and i had no one to talk to about it. listen if you care, respond and give feedback if you have something to say.

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I just saw this movie tonight, and I did a similar thing ... drove around and talked to my smartphone about it ... but I am not going to post it.

I appreciate that you gave some background on the movie ... I did not even know David Foster Wallace was a real person. Are his books really that good? Was he really that good a writer?

I looked at some of the links you mentioned, and I resent the movie for projecting DFW like such an ugly looking freak ... ie Jason Segal looking and acting like a total weirdo.

I also did not like the one dimensional portrayal or anyone, least of all a real person, as such an obsessively self-conscious person.

I don't think the movie did well to portray the reality of two people, but I did like the movie and I though it was realistic for the meeting and whatever relationship occurred during the time of this movie.

There is something about the writer or artist movie, and this movie had not so much of that, it was actually pretty universal of two guys meeting and trying to get along. The movie to me seemed unsatisfying and lacking, while still being sort of interesting.

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You seemed really nervous- haha. Cool, man. You braved it out.
I don't know why you're disappointed that it seemed like a eulogy. Why not have a memorial for a great man? You seemed almost angry that you got sad, which is really on you.
I understand what you said about the film's manipulative tone, but as you indicated later, the contrived parts were really just extrapolated from the real tone of the interviews.
I think that the underlying message that Wallace said repeatedly near the end was something like, "why don't you believe me?"

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Which is something that people who have major depressive disorder say again and again and again. David Foster Wallace had major depressive disorder. The features of the disease are all over the film, if you know what to look for. He committed suicide - many people who have major depressive disorder commit suicide. At the end, when he said that he had been "sleepwalking" for the last few days and now he would have to go through those days and "feel" them and that he would have to be alone to do that and that he was exhausted -- that is major depressive disorder. His writings are a brilliant window into the disease.