Children and Family Films : 'Train Master' May 12th DVD release: Dove Foundation 'Family-Approved'

'Train Master' May 12th DVD release: Dove Foundation 'Family-Approved'

"Train Master"
Release Date: May 12th
Rental: Hollywood Video/Blockbuster Video

Dove Foundation

Reviewer: Judy Horan
Source: Video
Company: MTI Home Video
Writer: Phil Bransom
Director: Phil Bransom
Producer: Phil Bransom
Genre: Family
Runtime: 94 min.
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Starring: Jonathan Hall, Michael Biesanz, Mercedes Rose, Elijah Nelson, Ia Gilbert, Daniel Nelson, Noah Smith, Bryce Walters, Bruce Chesse, Robert Zorn

Jeremiah Wilson is truly the Train Master of Williamette Western Railroad. He lives, breaths and eats railroad. When Brett Banner, the heir to New York Eastern, talks his dad into purchasing Williamette Western, there is immediately a clash between himself and Jeremiah. Jeremiah is fired by Brett two years from retirement and turns into an angry, depressed grandfather. When Brett's nine-year-old son, Justin, realizes Jeremiah's grandson, Thomas, can drive a locomotive, he kidnaps and holds Thomas' favorite dinosaur for ransom. Justin, Thomas and three other children board an old engine in for repairs and accidentally turn it into a runaway engine causing a chain reaction of events.

Dove Worldview:
Jeremiah Wilson is the "Train master" of Willamette Western Railroad In Willamette, Oregon. The New York Eastern Railroad and Brett Banner make a deal to buy the WWRR. Brett assures the owner he will not let any employees go and will treat them fairly. With this new transaction the two men's families become intertwined because of the railroad.
Brett and his son, Justin, move to Willamette with a very arrogant and superior attitude. Justin must attend the same school as Jeremiah's grandchildren, Sara and Thomas. Together the three children get into some serious trouble that forces Brett and Jeremiah to work together to save the kids.

The children in this movie along with the viewers learn many lessons such as the importance of listening to the adults and staying out of trouble. Also, that being sly and conniving brings nothing good and tends to hurt others. Also the important lesson that honesty and kindness can take you further than stealing and bad behavior.

This DVD has suspense and action that the entire family will enjoy. This movie has been happily awarded our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal.

Content Description:
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Bullying.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Dishonesty

Re: 'Train Master' May 12th DVD release: Dove Foundation 'Family-Appro

This is the first time that I heard of it. It sounds interesting. Maybe I should check it out.

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