Children and Family Films : Do you like ice-cream?

Do you like ice-cream?

Dear Fantasy Lovers,

Maybe someone can do me a favor and write a review on one (or two) of my shortstories for me..? They are temporarily free to read on Amazon. One is sort of a fairytale or fable about ice-cream called "We All Scream." The other is a fable of revisionist history regarding humans and the earth, with a twist. That one is titled "Greatest Gift."

Here are the links:

We All Scream

Greatest Gift

They are free through the 17th. Otherwise you can either click the KindleUnlimited option or you can E-mail me and I will send one (or both) of them to you:

It would be appreciated if you could write a review on Amazon for me. They are cool, charming stories; hope you can help.

Thanks, and enjoy...

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