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Dream by night,
wish by day
Love begins this way.
Lovin' starts
when open hearts
touch and stay.

Sleep for now,
dreamings how
lovers' lives are planned.
Future songs and flying dreams,
hand in hand.

Love it seems
made flying dreams,
so hearts could soar.
Heaven sent
these dreams were meant
to prove once more,
that love is the key.
Love is the key.

You and I
touch the sky
the eagle and the dove.
we keep our sails
filled with love.

And love it seems
made flying dreams
to bring you home to me.

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A favourite, then and now.

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10/10 Don Bluth's masterpiece, beautifully animated, touching story, great characters, gorgeous music-well what do you expect from Jerry Goldsdmith?- and impeccable voice acting from Derek Jacobi and Dom DeLuise. Bastardized by its awful sequel.

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I rate it 6/10. Not as good as the sequel.

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8/10. It has all the ingredients of a sword/fantasy epic and it does deliver. It has engaging characters and a pretty good story. Its the only time I've ever seen a movie where the protagonist is chased by a cat and I felt engaged in the moment (it sounds weird if you don't know that the protagonist is a mouse).

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9/10- It's not the "best" animated film to date, but it still holds up very well.

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I currently have it as an 8/10 on this site. I find Don Bluth as a whole somewhat overrated by his fan base. But that being said, I enjoy this film a lot though An American Tail is still my favorite from him.

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I say 9/10. I haven't seen it in a long time but i remember loving it.

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