Children and Family Films : Disappointed


When i found out that the 1953 classic ,The 5000 fingers of D.r. T was on Blu - ray, I was disappointed .It's not restored.When it premiered in New York in 1953 at the Criterion,It was presented in Columbia's non anamorphic wide screen process ,Vitarma.It was shot that way .A ratio of 1:85:1.Even though it was mono recorded,stereo was created through remixing the tracks and dubbing it into it.although most precinemascope stereo video audio tracks are lost.The company could have printed it in it's originally presented ratio on Blu- ray.Even created a stereo phonic sound track ,the way the studios did by remixing the tracks again,if they have survived, or get chase sound to create a stereo affect.No it was printed in non wide screen and mono track.Just like the one shown on t.c.m