Modern Family : How did Sal's son get so old so quickly?

How did Sal's son get so old so quickly?

The last time we saw Sal was for her baby shower in "Fight or Flight" in season 6 February 18, 2016. She had a tiny baby, and the guys thought she abandoned her son at Mitch and Cam's house. Pepper wanted to take the baby home, and Mitch and Cam wanted him to stay with them. The baby was only a couple of months old, now this kid tonight looked like he was four or five years old. He most definitely wasn't two or even three years old. Are they trying to do a "soap opera" thing, and have the kid age years while everyone else stays the same?

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In the episode about Cam and Mitchell's wedding (just before he was born), she had lied to her husband about when he was conceived! So he started out a little older.

I think they needed him to talk in this episode to demonstrate how she is raising him gay.

How does he compare to how fast Lily and Joe progressed?

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How does he compare to how fast Lily and Joe progressed?

They did progress Joe by a year or two when they replace pierce with jeremy but Lily has been consistently true to her age since day one.

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I put together this chart:

First appeared in pilot - how old was she?
Edit: in ep. 1.16 Fears, one of the guys (I think Mitchell) says:
"I think what my hysterical partner is just trying to say, if I may, that for the first six months of her life, Lily was raised by very loving Asian women, in an orphanage, with whom she clearly bonded." (because Lily started saying "Mommy" while the doctor was there.)

Not credited in ep. 2.24, but she was in a carriage with Gloria and Phil at the mall (when Phil ran into his nemesis and let him think Gloria was his wife.)

Aubrey was in ep. 3.1 Dude Ranch - she said to Alex something like "the boy kissed you" - Alex was pushing Lily in a swing at the time.
X At least 3 seasons old! X
Edit: at least 2 seasons old! - probably 2.5 seasons old again!
First I double posted and then realized I got the number wrong!

Born in ep. 4.12 Party Crasher

He threw up several times in ep. 5.1 Suddenly, Last Summer (whenever gay marriage was mentioned!)

Pierce Wallace is in ep. 6.24 American Skyper

Jeremy Maguire is in ep. 7.1 Summer Lovin' when Jay and Gloria take him to look at preschools.
About 2.5 seasons old!

Born during Cam and Mitchell's wedding ep. 5.23/24

He first appears in ep. 6.15 Fight or Flight, no actor is listed - Pepper says:
"What should we call him? Not sure, but definitely not Sammy.
"Sammy Saltzman" sounds so silly.

Appeared in ep. 8.12 Do You Believe in Magic, played by Elliot Potts .
Also about 2.5 seasons old!

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Ep. 6.15 Fight or Flight was February 18, 2015 - Sammy would have been about half a season old! But almost two seasons before the latest episode. All three kids were replaced at about 2.5 seasons - if Lily was half a season (six months) old in the pilot.

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If it's a soap opera aging thing it's only affected Sal's kid and Joe, but it doesn't explain discrepancies with Phil & Claire.

Joe was born in an episode that aired in January 2013 which makes him 4 years old right now and yet he knows that Jay gives Gloria "underpants" every Valentine's Day even though this would at most be the second year he's been aware of that. He's also remarkably articulate for a 4 year old.

Haley turned 21 in an episode that aired in Decemeber 2014, so right now she'd be 23 and yet it was said that Phil & Claire have been together for 25 years even though when they'd only been together for 6 months she was pregnant with Haley. Their backstory has been ret-conned several times already.

The most logical way to explain it that there was some large time jump between then and now. This theoretical time jump hasn't appeared to affect Lily, Luke, Manny, or Alex as Manny would now be 18 (14 years and one day older than Joe) and is in his senior along with Luke.

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