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My New #1 Western

God! I love Streets of Laredo. It's been my #1 Western. James Garner, Sam Shepard (Big Fan! Anybody better??) Sissy Spacek, everybody raves about George Carlin! What unified casting! Randy Quaid as John Wesley Hardin (the pig!!!) Judge Roy Bean; Ned Beatty. God! The story! Locales, writing of Larry McMurty, I just kept watching it over and over and over. In fact I wanna watch it again!!! - BUT WAIT....I got a NEW #1...Reveived it tonite...ALL EPISODES: THE HIGH CHAPARRAL...filmed in Old Tucson. I lived in Tucson end of 68 when I got back from Vietnam. I resumed Radio career, I was at KIKX (Kicks, The Great 58, 580am) We were playing Get Back by the Beatles "Jojo left his home in Tucson Arizona bought some California grass".. Huh? The Beatles are singing about us?!?! Unbelievable. At the very center of the Universe!!! Old Tucson called, You like Cowboy movies?? I said I was named after Johnny Mack Brown, Big Cowboy Star in 30's and 40's...they said, Come on out to Old Tucson. Carte Blanche. Do what you want..(Of course I'd hype Old Tucson on the air!) Spent much time there. Saw James Arness shoot Gunsmoke movie. Interviewed Clint Eastwood when he did Joe Kidd but the Big Thrill was hanging out on the set of High Chaparral! I loved that show! The Best! Cast: Don Collier the Hubba Bubba Man, Henry Darrow (Manalito) a Giant!! Oh God! Linda Cristal a goddess! Saw her recently in Mr. Myjestic the Elmore Leonard film with Charles Bronson.I went to Linda Cristal's site, she's still alive (in her 80's...) So Perfect! I wrote-I wonder if she ever gets lonely? I love Linda Cristal. This show! So good! Cast, stories! The look of it. Old Tucson had a Main Street Cowboy style (John Wayne shot Rio Bravo while I was there) behind the Cowboy street was the Adobe Mexican street with little Churchand cross on top seen in so many productions (TV and Movie) God! I loved Ol Tucson! I understand it burned down in the 90's but rebuilt but may have lost some soul. I left Tucson last week of 1972, transferred to Phoenix then it was on to San Francisco. Been here 43 years! Check out High Chaparral, it's #1 Baby!!! John Mack Flanagan The Old New Mexico Roadrunner.

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That "BUT WAIT" reminds me of Jerry Butler's song "He Don't Love You".

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Sounds good. I'll check it out.