Western : Hell on Wheels (TV show)

Hell on Wheels (TV show)

I have some free time on my hand and was thinking of taking up Hell on Wheels.

Has anybody see the show (several seasons)? Would they recommend it or should I not waste my time? It obviously would be a long undertaking going thru all the seasons.

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Excellent show. By all means, watch it.

Weed it and reap

Re: Hell on Wheels (TV show)

a good, western series is hard to come by these days, but this one is worth the time.


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I would absolutely recommend that you watch this series in its entirety. Personally, when I began this show it was kind of boring, but became increasingly intriguing. However, I believe that season five is less interesting, but still worth the watch nonetheless.

So, yes, go forth, traveler. Journey westward into the untamed land of dangers, hope and thrills, where you will discover an enthralling tale of historical proportions.