Western : Please help me find these westerns?

Please help me find these westerns?

I am looking for the following titles and was wondering if anyone on here may know how I can get them or view them online somewhere. I live in the UK and have a dvd player that only plays region 2 discs. I have searched youtube and other sites that have movies downloaded onto them, but so far these movies have not shown up. Here is the list, thanks for reading and any help would be much appreciated.

Union Pacific 1939
West of the Pecos 1945
They passed this way 1948
I shot Jesse James 1949
Stars in my crown 1950
Fort Worth 1951
The Moonlighter 1953
Ride Vaquero! 1953
Thunder over the plains 1953
The man behind the gun 1953
Riding shotgun 1954
Tall man riding 1955
Wichita 1955
The big land 1957
Fort Dobbs 1958
The Canadians 1961
Guns of Diablo 1965
The Jackals 1967
Heaven with a gun 1969
There was a crooked man 1970
Macho Callahan 1970
Hardcase 1972
I will fight no more forever 1975
Mr Horn 1979
Harry Tracy : dead or alive 1982
The Alamo : Thirteen day's of glory 1987
Red River 1988
Into the Badlands 1991
Pharaoh's Army 1995
The Outsider 2002

Re: Please help me find these westerns?

Many of those are available on region one or no region DVDs in the US, like I have both The Jackals and Union Pacific on such discs. Some not on DVD are on VHS tape or Laserdisc.

You'd need a all-region DVD player or one that can be hacked to be all -region, etc.

Every modern TV set in the US typically can convert PAL signal to be viewed on the set anyway. Can the UK TV sets also do that?

Re: Please help me find these westerns?

I'm also in the UK.

Even though your DVD player may be Region 2 "only". You can sometimes hack them, by entering in a code with the DVD remote. If you google your make and model of DVD player and maybe the phrase "all region hack/code", it might come up with a code for you to enter. That's what I did years ago; of course, it's caused me to spend a lot of money on import DVDs.

Another thing I would suggest, is that maybe you can find the movies listed on youtube.

I'm keen for a copy of 'Stars in My Crown' (along with some of the other McCrea ones you've listed; but even on region 1 'Stars in My Crown' is quite pricey. I do have Union Pacific though, which is part of Region 1 De Mille Boxset, which can be found here:


Re: Please help me find these westerns?

you can probably find some of those on youtube

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