Silent : Daughter of Dawn ('20 -discovered, restored, released)

Daughter of Dawn ('20 -discovered, restored, released)

It is big news any time a previously lost silent film turns up, as is the case here, but it's especially interesting in this case for several reasons. The Daughter of Dawn (1920) is a historically important film. The cast is made up entirely of Kiowa and Comanche tribesmen. The discovery was made in 2005 by a private detective. It was partial payment for a case he'd been working on. Imagine that! The film has been added to the Library of Congress National Film Registry for its historical value.

The film has just been released on DVD/Blu-Ray by Milestone Films.

There is a short video that talks about the film, its discovery and subsequent restoration in the link below (under the spoiler blanket.)

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Re: Daughter of Dawn ('20 -discovered, restored, released)

Yeah, I watched this one a couple of weeks ago. Artistically, the film is entirely slight, compared with other films of 1920. However, as a rare glimpse into the manner in which Kiowas and Comanches chose to portray themselves on film in the early twentieth century, it is a cultural treasure. For those who watch with a sharp eye for cultural detail, the movie is a feast for the eyes.