Harry Potter : Well, goodbye for real then I guess...

Well, goodbye for real then I guess...

So, for some reason, IMDb is shutting down their message boards in a few weeks. They seem to their their Twitter account and Facebook page is actually a good alternative, which I don't. So, goodbye to all my fellow Harry Potter fans!

It's been interesting for sure lol. There's been some great conversations here, some not so great, and some downright stupid conversations. But as bad as any have been, I'd personally gladly welcome them if it meant also having the great ones too, but IMDb feels differently, and they pay the bills, so what can you do?

Take care all! This was one of the last discussion boards I actually visit anymore (IMDb as a whole, not just the HP sections), as there really IS nothing 'social' about Social Media.

Damn. This kind of sucks. I HATE Social Media.

Take care all! We got 2 weeks left!!

Re: Well, goodbye for real then I guess...

I'm not a fan of Social Media either, I don't even have accounts on there. It gets an over the top focus and I'm just deadly tired of even hearing the term "Social Media". They should allow for alternatives to it.

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