Harry Potter : Boggart question

Boggart question

I've just been re-reading the third book, and in the chapter with the Boggart, Lupin says at one point that nobody knows what a Boggart looks like in its natural form (since it instantly transforms when in the presence of people). But I'm sure I can remember a part from a later book where somebody asks Moody to check if there's a Boggart in another room, which he then does so using his magical eye (without even leaving the room they're in). So shouldn't that mean Moody knows what Boggarts really look like and can tell other people?


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In Goblet of Fire, Moody sees a Boggart, and then it happens again in Order of the Phoenix, when Mrs. Weasley wants him to look at the Boggart at HQ.

I think this has been discussed a billion times but no one really has an answer. You can think of it like this: when Moody looks at the Boggart, then suddenly the Boggart is aware that it's being looked at, and immediately changes into a form that should frighten Moody (or Crouch Jr.).

Not unlike in quantum physics, where particles actually change upon observation.

But it's a fun question to think about.

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