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Hi everyone,

My name’s Jim, and I created MovieChat.org as an archive and replacement for IMDB’s message boards which are shutting down this week.

We have ARCHIVED a large majority of IMDB’s message boards so that you can still see your posts and continue your conversations even after IMDB shuts down. We have over 3 million posts already.

Key Features of MovieChat.org:
1. Any movie/show on IMDB is also on MovieChat.org (over 4 million and counting) - we have separate boards for every single movie/show on IMDB

2. We have archived / backed up most of the posts for IMDB’s movies/shows - that means most existing conversations on IMDB should also appear on MovieChat.org - we have over 3 million posts already (and we’re working non-stop to back up even more before IMDB shuts down)!

Please visit MovieChat.org, join or start a discussion, and let me know what you think. If you like it, please spread the word (on these boards, on Facebook, on other forums, etc.). If there’s anything I can improve, just email me (jim@moviechat.org) and I’ll get on it.