Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens : Why Ben Solo?

Why Ben Solo?

Is he meant to be named after obi-wan?
If so, why? Obi-wan had no real effect on Han solo. He was just some old guy travelling with Luke when they went to rescue the Princess (for money in his case).
Leia had heard of him and sent the druids to find him but he was killed by Vader right after being given rescued so she didn't know him at all.
Only Luke sought obi-wan's guidance in the ways of the force. They had a connection so if Luke had a son it would make sense that he might call him Ben after the man who introduced him to the ways of the force.

Re: Why Ben Solo?

Named after "old Ben Kenobi", maybe. Han and Leia were aware of the significance and influence that Obi Wan had on Luke.

Or in the old Expanded Universe novels, Luke Skywalker had a son named "Ben", so it may be a nod to those storylines.

Or they might have just liked the name "Ben".