Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens : Driver killed it.

Driver killed it.

Adam Driver's acting is the only reason I'd ever re-watch TFA. It's pretty impressive. And in my opinion, it's the film's only redeeming quality.

Re: Driver killed it.

dude, I never got what some ppl see in his performance, I found it was cringeworthy - to be fair mostly due to the abysmal writing.

I never saw Driver in anything before so cannot tell if he got talent, can't judge from this film: most of the time he got his helmet on with that embarrassingly computer-lowered voice (like in Stargate) and has his stupid hissy fits like a 8 year old; when he takes off his helmet it the BIG cringe laugh of the movie with the poor man's PrinceCharming looks and hair, and the meak voice. And his acting during the Han death scene or while being beaten up by Marey Sue did not convince me either, lol.

Compare that to the villain in Rob Roy: similar juvenile a-hole character, but soooooo much more convincing an effective as a villain. EmoRen was something out of Twilight or another YA emo novel.

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