Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens : SpaceBattles Forum is such a cancer of TFA apologists

SpaceBattles Forum is such a cancer of TFA apologists


I need to rant.

Constant excuses for Rey. Accusations of Luke being a Gary Stu and questioning all of his skills. Excuses for Kylo Ren being thoroughly defeated.
"If Rey is a mary sue, so is Luke 10 times more!"
I've checked out threads like "Is Rey a Mary Sue?" and "TFA Complaints Thread" and they regurgitate the same arguments and move the goalposts and they tend to get the most upvotes.

No such thing as offscreen development for Luke. The Force is all about feelings and no training whatsoever. If we didn't see it, it didn't happen. Luke being a qualified pilot is now either totally unjustified OR he somehow upstages all the other pilots. We never saw him fly anything. Forget the context of his middle-class social background and forget the dialogue building up his piloting credentials.
These users have a hard-on for hardcore military Scifi and they hate the thought that Luke flying the civilian T-16 Skyhopper, doing mock dogfights with his friends, and maneuvering Beggar's Canyon, is good enough for Luke to be a competant Rebel pilot accepted by Biggs and Red Leader. Never mind that Star Wars has never really been that hardcore of a Scifi series.
And We never saw Luke learn or use telekinesis on a lightsaber before, therefore he "discovered" that Force power just like Rey "discovered" the Force and never possibly trained and practiced at it offscreen during three years between ANH and ESB. We never saw him fight with a lightsaber before therefore its okay for Rey to be superior at it against Kylo Ren. Never considering the possibility that maybe Luke got melee weapons training and experience in the Rebellion as a Rebel Soldier for three years.

They really think Luke got literally 5 minutes of verbal guidance from Obi-wan on the Falcon, same as Maz Kanata with Rey. No such thing as scene compression and hours passing from the time they went into hyperspace and the Tarkin demonstrating the Death Star and then getting back to the Falcon. They really think Luke using the Force ONE time in a basic technique simply to enhance his honed piloting skills against a non-Force-Sensitive space station is the same as Rey achieving instant mastery of advanced sabre skills and Force powers in a day against a veteran who's been training and gaining experience his entire life.

And Kylo Ren.
"He was wounded."
"He just killed his dad."
"He hasn't trained/he's inexperienced."

But it's always the wound. Nobody seems to notice how essentially nonexistent the wound is, like it doesn't affect him at all. Because Kylo stilled trekked in the snow after the duo. He still knocked Rey out with the Force. He still takes his time to display full range of mobility and contemptuous skill against Finn before wiping the floor with him. He still overwhelms and dominates Rey in the fight.

Christ, the users there just don't think, and they all give each a pat on the back with the upvotes.
Well, there are some users there who do anti-TFA arguments but they're not so prominent like other users, they're few in between, and they don't get much upvotes or backup from others. They're pretty much alone.

Its a little late to make my arguments there now because those threads are dormant.
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Re: SpaceBattles Forum is such a cancer of TFA apologists

"Accusations of Luke being a Gary Stu"

They don't know what a Gary Stu is then. Anakin from the prequels is the exact definition of a Gary Stu, not Luke.

Luke is the perfect example of the hero in the Hero's Journey type of narrative. Wow, those people really have no clue what they are talking about. Do they even like Star Wars ? Crapping on Luke to defend Rey, that's low.

As far as Rey is concerned, I think she is kind of a poorly written weird hybrid between the two, they tried to give her the hero's journey character template but without the progression and without getting the steps right.

Then they stuck the "refusal of the call" moment in there because "it has to be there" but it was way too late in the story and it didn't make any sense, at least not to me.

So she had a vague vision and now she doesn't want the lightsabre ? Why ?
She wants go back to her sh!tty life on Jakku being treated like sh!t by a fat alien ?
And for what ? To wait for some parents that will never come back ?

It's too late for that: she already met the mentor (2 of them actually, 'cuz Maz Kanata too can fit that role) and she already "crossed the threshold" by leaving Jakku long before that: so just get on with it, accept your role as a hero instead of running into the woods for... what reason exactly ?

If she wants to go back the her crappy life on Jakku so badly then why not just steal the Falcon and go back ?

But no, she goes in the woods because the plot needs Kylo Ren to kidnap her so that the movie can show us how great she is at escaping without anyone's help ('cuz she is as strong independent woman...yawn...) and how dumb he is for leaving her with a weak-minded Stormtrooper AFTER discovering that she can use the Force (and she's VERY strong with it, more than Kylo Ren of course...yawn....)

What were they thinking ?

Now sure, not all movies should be the same : but if you want to mirror A New Hope at all cost you should at least get the Hero's Journey narrative structure right.

Re: SpaceBattles Forum is such a cancer of TFA apologists

LOL, yea it's like you're watching a group of guys validating each other's opinion over and over and over and never getting anywhere with it.

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Re: SpaceBattles Forum is such a cancer of TFA apologists

This is a straw man thread. I've never seen an apologist so deluded.

Re: SpaceBattles Forum is such a cancer of TFA apologists

Oh heavens....

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