Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens : Does Luke Skywalker's Old (blue) Lightsabre……..

Does Luke Skywalker's Old (blue) Lightsabre……..

.......Really HATE Luke Skywalker?

I've thought about this and it seems that there is some clear evidence to suggest it does.

Firstly, When Luke enters Obi-Wan's home on Tatooine this lighsabre doesn't call out to him and give him a vision like it does with Rey. However, the lightsabre could have just been sleeping at this point so the evidence isn't really conclusive.

But secondly, when Luke needs the lightsabre to free him from the Wampa cave it doesn't seem to want to go to him. From about 2 feet away from Luke's hand it moves ever so slightly in the pile of snow it's stuck in as Luke uses the Force to bring it to him and after a bit of a tug-o-war it reluctantly ends up in his hand. a similiar thing happens when Kylo tries to pull the lightsabre towards him on Starkiller Base (guess it doesn't like him either) but as soon as Rey wants it, WHOOSH, it flies straight into her hand from about 20 feet away.

Does anyone have any other evidence that might support or contradict this theory?

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When Luke is in the Wampa cave he's been hit over the head and hanging upside-down for who knows how long. He's struggling to concentrate to use the Force and he has to make a considerable effort to do it.

The light-sabre shouldn't be doing ANYTHING with the Force, as it's not a living thing. We've heard that from Yoda, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan that the Force comes from the living Force. I doubt those rocks Luke moved would have any Force memories from being picked up.

"He's dusted, busted and disgusted, but he's ok"

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Probably for the same reason that Excalibur hated Joe Smith from the Camelot 7/11.

The idea of a Force-sensitive girl having an empathic connection to a Jedi's weapon smacks of some kind of mythological bent. Thank the maker Star Wars never dabbled in myth! Joseph Campbell made soup, right?

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The Skywalker lightsaber didn't seem to have a problem coming to Luke when Darth Vader twirled it out of Luke's grasp, down in the bowels of the Cloud City.

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The answer is simple. Luke's blue lightsaber is a misandrist! Which is rather ironic considering anyone who criticizes Rey's character is supposed to be a misogynist.

"Silly TFA apologists!" = 🙉🙈🙊