Star Wars: The Force Awakens : Why it's named 'THE LAST JEDI' **SPOILERS**

Why it's named 'THE LAST JEDI' **SPOILERS**

Okay. This theory is present throughout the interwebs, but here it is .... (Spoiler Alert)

Luke is the last Jedi; Anakin Skywalker's fate was to bring balance to the force and he did. By killing the Emperor and indirectly aiding Luke to become a Jedi, the last one. The light side and dark side of the force moved closer together after this; Snoke is interested in Kylo Ren because he is between light and dark side, and so is Rey sorta.
They aren't Jedi or Sith, they are something new... the so called balance in prophecy from the prequels.

And if you don't believe Rey is embracing the dark side in the slightest, please go watch the fight between her and Kylo Ren; she channels her (inner) anger multiple times in the movie. Only other person in the movies who did that was Anakin ..... and Mace Windu.

So hence, THE LAST JEDI. You can put a lot of labels on the characters by calling them dark Jedi, light sith or gray Jedi... but I think they are a combination of all of these... so something new ...