Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens : Star Wars(8): The Last Jedi - what does the title mean to you?

Star Wars(8): The Last Jedi - what does the title mean to you?

- Who is the last Jedi? Luke? Rey? Does Kylo return to the Light to become it?
- Does the last Jedi refer to one individual or a group?
- What is the future for the Force if indeed the last Jedi dies in this movie?
- How is the forthcoming relationship between Luke and Rey significant in all of this?

This title has to shape themes of the movie. What do you younglings think about this? Let's hear it.

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Re: Star Wars(8): The Last Jedi - what does the title mean to you?

At this point Luke Skywalker is the last Jedi. But Rey may yet become a Jedi. Part of me would love for Ben Solo to return to the light, if only to see more Skywalker/Solo Jedi, but I think that him killing his own father is a "crossing the Rubicon" type moment, and that he won't be coming back.

"The Last Jedi" refers directly about Luke, but also may have a dual meaning, certainly if Rey follows the Jedi path. The Force will always exist even if the Jedi are extinguished. I think the Rey/Luke relationship is paramount to the ST, and ultimately Rey will be a Jedi.

Re: Star Wars(8): The Last Jedi - what does the title mean to you?

It undoubtedly refers to Luke and any other Jedi there may be. There may be the implication that there won't be any more Jedi after them, depending upon how the word "last" is to be interpreted.

Light? Dark? Maybe gray….

Kylo Ren and Rey are something new, they are neither Jedi nor Sith.... a new type of force sensitive warrior....

Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker was suppose to be balance to the force as the chosen one. Remember? So this is the result of that balance...

Re: Light? Dark? Maybe gray….

Jedi and sith are just labels. You could use the force and not be a Jedi, similarly, you can use the dark side and not be a sith. So, the title implies there will never be another Jedi order, or Disney doesn't understand the source material.

Re: Light? Dark? Maybe gray….

Plus jedi is a plural term not a singular one. Sort of like the last samurai.

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Re: Star Wars(8): The Last Jedi - what does the title mean to you?

Since the word Jedi can mean both singular and plural, it is unclear what they exactly mean by it, unless they purposely mean both.
Luke is officially the last Jedi i think, Rey is likely to become one, so the title would still apply.

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As other posters mentioned, Kylo and Rey are kind of a new take on the hero/villain.
Kylo is already part of the Knights of Ren, so maybe the Jedi will somehow gain new insight and splinter off into a new order of Force fighters.
The Force will be there anyway, so if the Jedi actually become extinct, people will still at some point become aware of the Force and start an uprising against the oppression, thats just how things work, nothing is forever.
Attack of the Clones also killed off 90% of the Jedi Order, but it didnt end like a post apocalyptic movie or end game scenario, i think that Empire Strikes Back had a more ominous atmosphere about it, despite having much less casualties.
What i mean is, Episode 8 might turn out the be very bleak, but knowing Star Wars, itll never be the end, since there is at least another movie coming to end the Sequel Trilogy, and.. its still Disney :P plus, i dont think Lucas would ever want a bad ending either.

I doubt itll refer to Kylo, because not only has he killed children, he also killed his own dad, Vader didnt have the 'luxury' of killing his own dad and he sacrificed himself to kill evil, which redeemed him, so as other posters also say, Kylo would have to die very heroically to be redeemed, and i doubt that he will die in Episode 8, it would be a big sidestep from the usual Trilogy formula.
Unless Kylo revolts and gets imprisoned and shipped off by a bounty hunter.
But still, who is going to step in for Kylo as the main villain?
Phasma is back, but shes just a Trooper, they just obey no matter their rank.

Either way, i think the title relates to Rey and Luke.
The safest bet is that she's a Skywalker and Luke says:"No, I am your father.", haha.
I mean, look at Luke, looking at Rey. That is not a normal look, like, "oh hey, didnt expect to see you here."
I think the stare was so intense because Luke is probably terribly embarrassed of being there, self exile because of his failure, then to get found by his own daughter who doesnt know she is his daughter, she might totally hate him etc.
But thats just speculating, but given the the trilogy "rhyming", i wouldnt be very surprised.
EDIT: oh and i dont think itll actually be the end of the Jedi, but more of a 'Rey and Luke are the Last Jedi, for now, there will probably be more later'.

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Re: Star Wars(8): The Last Jedi - what does the title mean to you?

Kylo Ren was once a Jedi but now He's with Dark side... So that leaves as to Luke & Rey. Luke will be killed in this episode. Rey will be standing as THE LAST JEDI