Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens : One Problem with Recent Star Wars Movies *Not a Troll :) *

One Problem with Recent Star Wars Movies *Not a Troll :) *

My biggest criticism of the recent Star Wars films -- The Force Awakens and Rouge One -- is that while they include a far more diverse cast, the writers do not give them proper development or compelling traits!

Poe Dameron and Chirret Imwe are the exceptions, seeing how they had more personality ("So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first? See, it's kind of hard to understand you.. with all of the apparatus.") and depth ("I am one with the Force, the Force is with me.") than the rest of the leading cast.

Because these diverse characters aren't fleshed out enough or simply bland, their inclusion feels like Disney's way of getting audiences to shut up. "Hey! Here are two Latinos, an Asian, a Pakistani, and a couple of black characters!! Happy? Great! Now let's make them supporting characters, strip them of any compelling traits, and use them as sidekicks to the main (white) female protagonist!" In my opinion, even Rey and Jyn were pretty uncompelling or unmemorable.
*Jyn was pretty bland, and Rey was really OP without any explanation...
** Before I get comments like, "Read the books. They explain how Rey could, I don't know, understand Chewie despite not encountering a Wookie her entire life on Jakku," I'm going to pull a Cinemasins and say that the books do not matter! Films should be able to stand on their own :)

Star Wars are so invested in pleasing audiences' demands that the forget to give said characters a personality and proper development.

While it's wonderful that massive franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, and DC are now becoming more consciously aware of a larger demographic that feel under-represented, and while it is great that they are responding by creating a more diverse cast, I do hope they flesh out the characters, both protagonists and antagonists, so that their inclusion feels significant rather than forced :)

I'm curious to whether or not you all think this!
*Please be kind to one another :)