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Rey Parents Twist

I believe only a Skywalker(Rey)could beat another Skywalker(Ren).

Leia and Han had separated or divorced. Leia was in a brief relationship with another man and had his child. Rey is still a Skywalker and Ren's half-sister. This would also explain why Leia and Rey hugged at the end of Force Awakens. They recognized each other through the Force or by sight.


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Unless someone erased parts of Rey's memory...or they hid her from birth, I would think Rey would have recognized Leia as her mother. And if they hid Rey from birth, would Leia know her as her daughter? Lots of problems with that idea, IMO.

Re: Rey Parents Twist

Lelia and Rey are Force sensitive so would know things through it. My original theory was that Luke is Rey's father, but I'm now wondering if they would be that obvious. It seems odd if she weren't a Skywalker since this movie is about their family.

I suspect there is some memory erase for Rey because she wasn't aware that Jedi really existed, but she was there when the Knights of Ren attacked and killed Luke's students. I also suspect that Ren couldn't kill her and dropped her off that planet and lied and said he killed her. Rey says her "family" left her, never her parents.

12 more months to know for sure.

Re: Rey Parents Twist

What about Luke is her father and Leia is her mother, making her a more pure blood Skywalker and a bit of incest in SW to keep it juicy lol. Luke comforted Leia when Han left but it went too far and they obviously regretted straight away, dumping the child on Jakku and wiping part of her memory

Re: Rey Parents Twist

Rey is not a Jedi's daughter. Only Anakin broke that rule. She is nothing more than one of Luke's padawans who managed to escape The Knights of Ren's wrath. Luke wiped her memory and hid her on Jakku. She has a strong connection to the Force, but no memory of her Jedi training. I'd like to assume she's either another Anakin anomaly who could bring balance back to the force, or she's the daughter of a Sith.

I don't want her to be a descendant of Obi-Wan or Palpatine, but that would explain her British accent.

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If Rey is a Skywalker, I think it will be as a Skywalker/Solo. For me it works for the overall saga. That being said, TPTB appear to want to move in a completely different direction. I hope that I am wrong and that they are lying in that regard.

If Rey is a Skywalker/Solo it begins to make the fact that Leia hugged her before Chewbacca make sense. If she isn't a Skywalker that hug makes absolutely no sense. Rey is still oblivious to the fact, but Leia is very aware and does not want to break it to Rey just yet.

Rey being a non-Skywalker is likely to be the case, but I won't like it.

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