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the prequels are more rewatchable than this junk

Could not agree More!! As a collector, I feel that I need to purchase Episode 7 but even when it was 9.99 at Best Buy, I just couldn't justify it! I'm not going to watch it again any time soon and If Episodes 8/9 are purchase worthy, Ill just get an Episodes 7-9 set like my 1-3/4-6 and pretend Episode 7 came "free" with purchase lol.

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I own it, but did not pay for it. so, no loss

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"I feel the connection between the prequels and the Original trilogy but TFA doesn't feel connected at all to me. "

So true. I like the prequels with all their flaws but at least they had a vision, they had a story arc. And it was a complex undertaking to make the connection to ANH, not only storywise but from a design perspective. I like how the design of the star destroyers, of the walkers, the troopers etc was hinted at in AOTC and got more and more closer in ROTS.

I even liked the whole political stuff. I found it very interesting to see how the system of the Republic was subverted into the Galactic Empire. It took Palpatine a lot of years of planning and lying to manage this, there was no Big Bang throwing over of the democracy. So yeah in the Star Wars setting this could be described as "real".

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I agree in full.

This movie was nothing but a sad attempt at rehashing the story, true Abrams have a knack for this but at least with the Star Trek rehash it was acknowledged as a alternate universe Star Trek.

Disney simply went all backwards and claims that the EU is alternate and screwed over 40 years of Star Wars lore.

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Of course the prequels were better. They were the efforts of an artist, not a watered-down repackaging of greatest hits created by committee.

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Yeah, the prequels at least had some originality, and a heartfelt story to tell. The Force Awakens is assembly-line moviemaking at it's most efficient.

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I agree with everything except for Phasma,remember that the Clone Wars added many EU characters and places.

The problem is that the Prequels had vision and scope while the Sequel Trilogy so far doesn't break much in the way of new ground.

Boring desert planet - Check
Unexciting battles - Check
Death-Star - Check
PG Rated violence in a M15+ movie - check

Thew New Order are a joke just like the Stormtroopers of old, just cannon-fodder during battles. At least Clones had something going for them and all had unique identities/units. It is boring to go back to plain white, no identity, no personality and now brain-washed soldiers.

Rogue One at least had unique settings and places unlike TFA. TFA had nothing to compare with Naboo, Coruscant, Kashyyk, Hoth, Umbara, Utupau, Scarif, Kamino or Felucia.

It rehashes the story of the Original Trilogy galaxy oppressed by bad-guys, two Sith behind it all, Rebellion must defeat the odds and destroy giant super-weapon, meanwhile a Skywalker or Kenobi will learn they are a Jedi and some mysterious force stuff will happen.