Film History and Meaning : I prefer characters who are what they seem

I prefer characters who are what they seem

Not that characters can't change, but it pisses me off when, particularly, good guys are revealed to be bad guys. Characters should be exactly what they seem, they can go from being good to being bad (or vice versa) but they shouldn't be revealed to already have been bad. If it is a surprise to us then it should be a surprise to them too, as with Guy Pierce's character in Momento (not really sure he was BAD technically, he was simply surprised that he wasn't the "good" person he thought he was...)---anyway, I am fine with that....

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I can see where you coming from but i think in some cases it can work and might even be necessary at least if the Plot realy demands it, and that is rarely realy
the case. My personal problem with those kind of Plot Twists is that in most cases if you realy think about it or rewatch some scenes is that some scenes dont make any kind of sense or are just useless.
One perfect example would be (even if its not a bad film perse) The Usual Suspects by Bryan Singer.
The exact opposite goes for Watchmen by Zack Snyder where the Twist at the end
is necessary otherwise the rest of the plot falls apart

[Excuse my english im not Canadian/American/English/Australien/whatever...]

Re: I prefer characters who are what they seem

You don't like wolf dressed up as grandma , don't know what it is about guys. I see my own character and how terrible I can be keeping up appearances, it's scary. did see memento but forgot most of the storyline- it's blitzkrieg, da da du.