Film History and Meaning : Femme Fatale in an non-American film?

Femme Fatale in an non-American film?

Hi everyone,
I am writing a paper on the femme fatale in film, particularly looking at this through the male gaze theory. Pretty straight forward stuff. However, the catch here is that it is required that I use more "international" films within my paper... I have already selected an American film (Gilda), however I need a movie from a different country with a prominent or at least present femme fatale role. So far, I have had no luck in finding such a film and I have researched tons. Would anyone have any suggestions??? it'd be very appreciated!!!

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I may well have the best choice for you. Though I am aware (as you are too), that movies made a long time ago will often have a slower tempo, and as a result many people living now may find them boring. You can assess whether this would be a handikapp for you. (It is also a problem for many (most?) Swedish film lovers.

The movie I have in mind is "A Woman Without a Face" (Kvinna utan ansikte), which was made in 1947. Ingmar Bergman wrote the manuscript, but the movie was directed Gustaf Molander.

[A curiosity. The Swedish title has no article, the English version has the indeterminate title, and the Danish version has the determinate article.]

The Dutch enterprise Moskwood Media published the DVD. The special domain of this firm is its primary concern with movies from the former Soviet states.

I took out my own DVD. Looking at the Box I cannot find any indication of subtitles. But it is not easy to believe that a Dutch firm would publish a little known Swedish movie without subtitles.

I wrote the plot summary.

I am an immigrant in Sweden. I was one month less that 19. I add this because at that time I thought that the two best movies I had seen before my immigration was "A Woman Without a Face" and "L'épave" (aka "The Wreck", "Sin and Desire) by Willy Roziers.

I shall watch the movie now. Maybe I can give you more information afterwards.

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Sorry, this edition has only subtitles in Dutch.

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This may be offered way too late to be of any help to you, but the films of Asta Nielsen made in the post WWI Weimar Republic were very popular. She is splendid.