Film History and Meaning : Film History and Meaning

Film History and Meaning

"Discussions on the history of film-making and the language of cinema. "

Does this tag line purposely steer us away from discussions of films impact on history or current perceptions?

I personally feel that it is limiting- and my first impression regarding the name of this board ran more toward my own rhetorical question than towards any language or intent of a film, no matter how graphic or un-stated otherwise.

Should we never try to evaluate the impact the object of this entire site has at any given time or era?

To not be so seems to suggest at least a thoughtless agenda of profit motive or at worst an intent to control thought tastes and actions of the worlds population influenced by films.


Please don't simply think I'm about censoring, because I'm not. I'm just thinking that perhaps we should have some conscious thought to the images and dreams we program into others.

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Great inquiry. There are two types of viewers for every film. Ones in "the know" and ones who do not know. Some see a film and are completely subjective. Others watch a film and accept the mer

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No I'm not talking about parables in Babylon.

Though your post seems incomplete- I don't you're in the know about what I'm getting at.

We live in neither heaven or hell-

what I'm concerned with here is the lack of discussion over the IMPACT that films or a film might have.

It's like the polarization of this culture in thinking- "Oh, I'm with God somehow" and so then EVERY act of "God" is then correct.

Which isn't the case. We live in a reality where one portion of things supports another. If something is just plain crazy, what value can it be. If a film is actually hurting all kinds of people, or films, by collective corrupt logic or need somehow infringe on the very quality of life for others, are they then justified?

And would you as an individual, still seek your financial graces there?

This example might be from another medium- but I for one- for instance- am irritated by this PBS news constant image of barrels of gasoline being dropped on the extremely ignorant peoples in other ignorant places much less ruled by violent trash than our own.

Or, is any resultant world reaction only then part of Righteous Karma that the terrible programers may eventually pour all over themselves and their vicious mothers.

Must "film Meaning" be simply being mean to others who do have Skywalker windows to fly General Pattons tanks through?