Film History and Meaning : The B&W and Technicolor Days Can Be Brought Back

The B&W and Technicolor Days Can Be Brought Back

I noticed long ago that the age of Hollywood flicks can be determined by their color presentation on screen. There was the drab "black & white" era that came out at the beginning and lasted until the 1950s. It's also still used for artistic reasons and still shows up in modern films, like "Schindler's List ". Technicolor was a major advancement of the times that came out in the 1930s and featured the world in rich and luxurious colors, but eventually the true colors of life came out in the past 40 years.

With all these chronically quick advancements of technology I have no doubt that movies based on historical 20th Century eras will one day have the "look" of the way films used to be in those times. Just a thought, but know it's one that'll come true eventually one day.

After all, the past is always with us and our memories of how it used to be. That and the evidence from classic films we see today.

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