Film History and Meaning : My All-Time Favorite film list

My All-Time Favorite film list

Hi everyone! Now that the great IMDb era is coming to an end I would like to share my list of favorite films with you. I haven't been contributing to this list for a long time, but before the party is going to be over I just wanted to say fare-thee-well. So I suppose this is my last chance.

I have been working on this list for well over a year now of my favorite films and have been quite happy with it, but I haven't updated it since before last summer and I didn't think my list fitted my taste as accuratly anymore, along with the fact that since last time I have been seing and rewatching a lot of films which I have since begun to like tremendously. As you will quickly realize when looking over the list, I have a very broad taste. The films on my list is what I consider to be the films that have had the biggest impact on my own view of cinema and the films that IMO stands at the pinnacle of cinematic achievement. As it says on my list, the top 50 is almost an entirely accurate representation of what I like, however beyond that the list becomes quite fluid.

I will be happy to discuss the list itself, the films, why I have rated a certain film so highly, recommendations, any mistakes I might have made and so on. Btw, the list is in preferential order and I hope you enjoy it:

My All-Time Favorite Movies: