Fifty Shades of Grey : Women are funny like that .

Women are funny like that .

A woman : "women should not be objectified " "women are not a mans play thing" "we don't need a man to take care of us , we can take care of our selves " "men should never hit women" "women are objectified in comic book movies "
Meanwhile she passes her book shelf with her favorite two book series on it . The first is the biggest selling book at one point , a female perspective romance novel about a young girl who falls for a good looking rich billionaire who seems sinister and holds back information, makes her his sex slave and whips her when she defies him.
The 2nd book is the biggest female lead book series about a girl whos drawn to a rich handsome dark stranger who is the embodiment of death and falls so deeply in love with him she goes out of her way to put her life at risk just so he will be with her and ultimately kill her so they can be together forever .
As she passed by she puts in a Chris brown album , puts on her Victoria secret push up bra , pants with juicy written across the ass , high heels , cakes on the make up and stares at her poster of a shirtless iron man, Thor and captain America poster .

The message is , women are confusing .

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Women are complex. Deal with it.

Don't tell me you love animals if that's cow muscle on your plate.

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LOLso true..and I think I have read all those books mentioned..

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Why can't people just admit hypocritical stuff is funny . This truth is funny . I wasn't trying to piss anyone off . Just pointing out the humor in people.

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