Lists and Recommendations : Dystopian/Sci-Fi Comedies

Dystopian/Sci-Fi Comedies

Can anyone recommend films that fit this description? I'm talking comedy movies that focus more on post apocalyptic societies and wasteland settings than on deep space and spacecraft travel. Kinda like the numerous Mad Max rip offs out there, just that most of these aren't (intentionally) funny.
I'm looking for stuff like:

The Ice Pirates
(Deals a lot with space travel, but balances it with the dystopian theme)

Six String Samurai
(Not too much Sci-Fi, but great world building)

American Astronaut
(Lot of space travel, but an incredible "used future" look and outrageously surreal humour)

I'm glad to take any recommendations that you think may qualify. Thanks!

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Idiocracy (2006) should be at the top of your list. A human-hibernation experiment goes wrong, and the subject - an average guy - finds himself in an absurdly dismal future as the smartest person on the planet.

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Thanks for replying, of course I've seen that one, that's an obvious pick I forgot to mention.

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- Mars Attacks! - although it's more apocalyptic than post-apocalyptic.
- TV-show "The Last Man On Earth" - not much sci-fi though
- Zombieland
- The Lobster - not much sci-fi, not post-apocalyptic; but it is dystopian.
- Turbo Kid (2015)*
- Night Of The Comet (1984)*
- Bad Taste (1987)*
- Dark Star (1974)*
- Sleeper (1973)*
- No Men Beyond This Point (2015)*

Titles marked with a * are movies that I haven't seen myself.


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Dark Star rocks imo. Haven't seen most of your other suggestions, so thanks, I got plenty to catch up on.

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Radioactive Dreams

It's a really weird low budget 80s movie about two young men who grew up in a bomb shelter reading 1940s detective novels and developing their personas from that source. They go out into the post-nuke world and meet, among others, foul-mouthed little boy mafiosos, mutants, and Pat Benatar style 80s rockers.

Totally strange yet very funny. If you liked Six String Samurai, you will like this too. They make a perfect double bill.

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Thank you, I've seen that one. Loved the premise and setting. You forgot to mention the rockers are cannibals 😊😊 I should consider pairing it with Six String Samurai sometime soon.

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Re: Dystopian/Sci-Fi Comedies

Seksmisja (1984) is the masterpiece of the dystopian-comedy genre, imo.

I also second the Sleeper (1973) and The Lobster (2015) recommendations.

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someone beat me to "The Bed Sitting Room (1969)" and "Sleeper (1973)", so i'm forced to (reluctantly) add "Tank Girl (1995)".

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THE DARK BACKWARD (1991) is not post apocalyptic but definitely dystopian and certainly weird.

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I'm guessing that you've seen these, but I'll list them in case you haven't.

The World's End (Simon Pegg et al.)
This is the End (Seth Rogen et al.)

You might like the TV series, Firefly (the movie Serenity goes with it). It certainly has a lot of humor and it definitely has a post-apocalyptic element.

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