Amanda Knox : Made love

Made love

I did some errands, went out to eat....and then we made love.

I got up, watched some Saturday morning cartoons, got a hair cut...and then we made love

Cop gave me a ticket, got stuck in traffic, ran into an old friend....and then we made love.

Made love, made love, made love! I made love!

No girl, you had sex.

Re: Made love

Actually innocent Amanda can't remember if she "made love" ( instead of shagging like normal 20-year-olds) as she smoked a spliff which apparently causes memory blackouts. They must have some powerful weed in Perugia.

Hey, look at that! She's not crazy, she's being chased by a cheetah!

Re: Made love

Amanda is not a whore who just has sex. She makes love.

Re: Made love

Seriously. Love? She barely knew this guy.

Re: Made love

She's one crazy bish

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