Film Art and Cinematography : The Raid 2

The Raid 2

The Raid 2 is a phenomenal and well put together stunt-performing choreography. With this is in mind, did anyone capture flaws or what could be improved with this film? I only have good reviews when it comes to an analysis of this piece of art-work. My critiques for this film are very few since a lot of energy came about into this film.
Not only was the plot thick in it's story-line but there were quite a few things that were hard to foreshadow. Deaths in the movie that audience members were going to be completely unaware of. I don't want to give away the plot to those who haven't seen it. However, the story-line may be a cliche following the crime and drama route as most live action films do without the necessary wire work.
It's easy to tell that the stunt-coordinating took a great amount of effort to nail down with the amount of shooting days given. The sequel to The Raid led the audience to new territory to play with and environments that were hard to shoot. Character development and the connection between the fight scenes allowed the audience members see a structure of chaos.