Late Night with Seth Meyers : Seth sucks

Seth sucks

I haven't watch a full episode of his show in a while and his show still sucks. People are giving Stephen Colbert flack and Seth show sucks and it always sounds like 5 people in the audience is laughing(Probably staff members)

Thank god Jimmy Fallon has good ratings and people stuck around for Seth show.

Re: Seth sucks

Agreed. Seth and his lousy show are both indeed terrible.

Moreover, his recent ban of Donald Trump will probably cost him even more viewers now as it only proves that he cannot be neutral when it comes to political issues. For instance, every current late night host makes fun of Trump every night, but at least they have the common decency to still allow him on the show. Seth is acting like a giant baby over all of this.

Re: Seth sucks

I disagree.

What's missing in movies is same as in society: a good sense of work ethic and living up to ideals.

Re: Seth sucks

Your opinion is irrelevant because you are so poorly informed you think the problem in our society is a lack of work ethic.