Late Night with Seth Meyers : Bye Bye Seth!

Bye Bye Seth!

Since day one, I watched every episode but he has succeeded to finally turn me off. The show should be renamed Late Night MSNBC. I don't want to end my night getting aggravated by politics. I am an independent who voted for Obama but Seth's constant bashing of Republicans is totally turning me off. I have noticed his mean attacks are even aimed at Sanders, as if Seth has made it his mission to get Hillary "Republicans are my enemy" Clinton elected. Bravo Seth! Good job making a loyal viewer give up on you. Even though I think your comedy is funny (Love the Venn Diagrams, Florida or Truth, Dog Shaming) your politics is not. Goodbye for now. If you decide to be a true comedy show in the future, I may consider watching again.

Re: Bye Bye Seth!

I agree with his republican bashing. I do not agree with his promote Hillary and bash Bernie action.

Usually he's not bashing republicans in general, but the line up politicians being offered. Regular people who are Republican are good people in general who deserve much better from their elected leaders in their party. Democrat voters do too, and now we have our one last hope in Bernie Sanders.

Personally the only Republican candidate that I could get behind is Rand Paul. Him and Bernie represent radical change which is what me and many others crave.

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that's why I stopped watching his show as well...

Re: Bye Bye Seth!

He's worse than Oprah Winfry when she pushed for Obama!!

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