Film Art and Cinematography : Set Location? Used in 'Fleming' ( James Bond) mini-series.

Set Location? Used in 'Fleming' ( James Bond) mini-series.

In Episode two of "Fleming" the James Bond Mini-series

I'm hoping to locate the marvelous deco ambience! I know the series production used Budapest locations in combination with sets in general to do multi-tasking duty for diferent European capitals including Paris/Lisbon and London...

Does anyone know the specific Buda? Pest? locale of that Casino/hotel interior featured at the start of episode 2 at all? I'd imagine that marble staircase and the frescoes inset in the walls or the wood finishes would perhaps help identify it?? Myself, so far I've had no luck scrolling Budapest Nouveau/Deco interior locations trying to source it :(

TIA any helpful IMDB-er assist :)