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IMDb v2.0

Hello IMDb peoples!

In light of the imminent demise of IMDb's message boards, I've created a free clone of this board for everyone to use, either temporarily or permanently. If it takes off, we'll fine-tune it per suggestions, elected moderators, etc. I may even consider upgrading it to a paid version someday, but for now, it's just a refuge for those looking for a new place to post with the friends you've made here. So please feel free to sign up and let's see what happens!

Re: IMDb v2.0

Sorry to be negative but it will never take off. It's not a "clone" either, you've made a new board with similar but very empty topics.

People come to IMDB for movie/TV/actor info and to review a title and then sometimes discuss in the forums - primarily the threads for a particular movie or TV show.

The whole reason why the boards are popular here is because it's connected to IMDB.

Making a blank message board somewhere and hoping everyone will go there and be the same as here? Come on, your board will have nothing but tumble weeds.

We need to convince IMDB to re-think closing these boards, perhaps by suggesting a paid model or other changes.