Better Watch Out : What is going on?

What is going on?

This movie has no trailer that I can find on youtube and there is no date on it's release date. If this movie had positive review then what doesn't it seem like it doesn't exist?

Re: What is going on?

From everything I've heard, it was shown at a few festivals and early screenings, but delayed. Since it's set during Christmas, a delay automatically puts it off for another year. Here's a video from one guy who's seen it and he has me pretty damned excited to see it.

From what he says, avoid any and all trailers when they finally do come out, because he doesn't see how a trailer wouldn't spoil the movie itself. It's nice, for once, to be given a heads up on a trailer probably spoiling a movie BEFORE I actually see it.

Re: What is going on?

So I am guessing it will be released on Christmas 2017.

Re: What is going on?

Probably around that time, yes. A Christmas-themed movie released from January-October would almost guarantee its failure. Although, Gremlins did come out in June and was a huge success. That was in 1984 though, and had Steven Spielberg's scent all over it. There are a lot more movies to contend with now, too, and studios are much more cautious than they were in 1984.