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Searching for a friend

Hello everybody, my name is Edmund, I had a friend in South London England, and I have noticed a subscriber on this list, he is a (model maker) named Peter Pullen, he was credited along with Michael Beard, (model maker), working on The Crimson Permanent assurance 1983,I would really like to get in touch with Peter Pullen again, but If I can reach Michael Beard that would help also,

Is there any member here that could shed some information and help me in regards to finding these two people, I posted a letter in Peters board mailbox back in Feb this year 08, but to no avail

My Email address is Walter Edmund Maisey.....holmes_ca_2000@yahoo.com....

Re: Searching for a friend

Dear Edmund;

If you check LA-411; It's an industry guidebook,
under 'model makers' you should find someone
that knows them, or has info on models etc.

Also; you could see if their listed in that
film's Credits here on the IMDB...

Good luck & happy trails to all...

Re: Searching for a friend

Hello videojohn,

I would like to thank you for showing a interest in my search, my apologies for the delay in responding, the main person in my search is Peter Pullen he was a friend in London UK in the 60s, I lost touch when I moved to Alberta Canada, when I new him he was interested in scale Model engines, and I wondered if the Peter Pullen modeler (visual effects) in the film, "The Crimson Permanent Assurance" (1983), was the same Peter my friend,

I have entered Peter Pullen model maker UK in google and found the following site

The Crimson Permanent Assurance (1983) @ EOFFTV Model Makers: Westbridge Studios, Michael Beard, Peter Pullen. DESIGN AND SET CONSTRUCTION ... Studio: EMI Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, England, UK ...

but it seems to end there, anyway thank you for your help,


Re: Searching for a friend

Dear Edmond;

Okay; your 'halfway home' then.

Write a letter to him C/O Westbridge
Studios in the UK.

See if there's a Union for Set builders.
If so he may be a member & you could
write Elstree Studios too.

Not everyone uses the Internet & Good luck.

Happy trails to all...

Re: Searching for a friend

Thank you videojohn,

That's a very good idea, I will persue that directive, and I will keep you posted, isn't it great that communications are so swift when using the internet,

I searched last evening a long list of Peter Pullens, and sent a email to a live steam society ( Malden and District Society of Model Engineers Ltd) nearlondon uk, and got a positive email this morning, that the member lived in the same area as I,and he would pass my message on,

Just a bit of trivia, you might want to visit the site, you never know it might interest you,

All the best, .........Edmund........

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Re: Searching for a friend

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