The Watercooler : Stereotypes observed

Stereotypes observed

Local couples who live in the rural or more exurban areas around me where one is a mid to attractive nurse who dresses fashionably and the other has some blue collar job, has a beer gut, wears things with eagles and US flags or maybe Grunt Style brand, and Mossy Oak stuff. Drives a pickup truck.
Most got married right out of high school with people they met in high school or earlier.

Facebook posts always about being a mom or stuff about Jesus.

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Re: Stereotypes observed

You're jealous because those people have lives and you're stuck to your 500 pound sisters couch mooching off her until you or her drop dead of an exploded heart, which should be just about anytime now.

Pray you go first. If you outlive her, you're ****ed.

The Lion does not give a fuck. Bring. More. Sheep.