Special and Visual Effects : My special effects video interview

My special effects video interview

Just throwing this out there. Shot it late one afternoon a week or 2 ago, edited today and posted just minutes ago. It showcases Andre Freitas, who's business is handling some major clients like, Janet Jackson,Kiss and Jodi Foster, is currently working on MTV's Teen Wolf and soon after, the new X-Men series, and more.


I just visited Andre's shop during an open house, asked for an interview and footage, and he kindly obliged. Seems like more talented people than me should be doing this kind of thing, but since no one around here has, I did!
Shot with my simple $450 Canon FS100, using an Audio-Technics lavalier for sound, and edited in iMovie '08 on a MacBook Pro.
I hope I can at least be an inspiration for others in the respect of knowing you don't need a lot of expensive gear to do a lot of projects, just some creativity and some free time.

"Ever had a good Swiss watch?"
(Red River-1948)