Special and Visual Effects : Future movies: only 3D?

Future movies: only 3D?

After the grand success of Avatar, a considerable number of movies were released in 3D, which is more than the year 2009. Infact movies which doesn't need be in 3D were released in 3D this year... and many more 3D movies on the way to be released. Even if the content of the movie is not good, the feel given by the 3D lets the audience enjoy the movie! This way success is guranteed. And moreover 3D is not Costly in making, but cost effective! So in the near future (may be in 2 decades, all hollywood movies will be released in 3D (4D)!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Future movies: only 3D?

I think there will be a time when Hollywood will turn back to making movies old school style with film & without much effect.

3D is a great technology and a great tool of storytelling for movies such as Avatar or projects that deal with effects much.

But making movies is still and will always be about telling storys and the basic way of making movies like back in the days wont just go away with new technologys.