Special and Visual Effects : Boycott 3D

Boycott 3D

3D is just another step in an attempt to change the cinema experience into a carnival ride. The film industry does this in an attempt to dazzle the audience so that they don't realise the fact movies today just gets dumber by the minute. They seem to think that if they stand and wave their arms enough in front of the audience's faces maybe it won't be as obvious that movies no longer have any depth.
Now I am not saying that all new movies are like that but it's a clear trend that has only gotten worse over the years.

A good example is Avatar. Not that I think it's a bad movie, but is it really good enough to sell as much as it did? In my opinion it was not. It was a standard action with a standard story. The only thing that made it special was the "cool" effects. The 3D simply takes away the focus from the story so that the audience doesn't notice how bad the movie really is.

The film companies treat the audience like idiots, like we don't deserve high quality movies for the money we give them. The worst thing is that they seem to be right. 3D movie sells, regardless of the poor quality. It is extremely tragic and I am afraid that it will continue until we become so numb that we no longer can think critically.

I hope that 3D is just a fad and that the audience soon gets tired of being treated like idiots. But there is unfortunately no evidence for that right now and everyday I lose more and more confidence in today's movie audiences.