Games: RPG : Survivor: Samoa sign-ups! 5 spots left -1st choice for everyone pre-game

Survivor: Samoa sign-ups! 5 spots left -1st choice for everyone pre-game

Hi guys!

So I have been away again due to real life (sorry), and this is a recurring thing, but I just feel so excited to start something up here again, just at a much lower pace due to how little activity this board has.

Would anyone want to play?

I need 14 characters (I'll extend to a few more if there's a lot of sudden interest), considering how most people here just check now and then. You can put in a second character, NPC, who will be more likely to be one of the first to go.

Tribes are picked at random. No need to ask for a specific tribe to be on.

Also, please check the whole thread for questions for the first episode, the answers you give me affect the storyline!

Spot for Lex_Sparky
Spot for Scorpion
Spot for cooltu

Galu tribe:
1. Kenneth Owens (29) - DanielB224
2. Catherine "Cathy" Carlisle (30) - Elphie
3. Tia Sanderson (23) - DanielB224

Foa Foa tribe:
1. Eric West (25) - Dinoman
2. Gavin McCoy (19) - mine/NPC
3. Andy King (21) - mine/NPC

It will be based on Survivor: Samoa. You sign up with a character using the sheet below and during each episode (in RPG terms: scene), you may get choices that I'll PM to you that will affect the game. episode 1 on youtube in parts.

Character sheet:
Your strengths:
Your weaknesses:
Your fears:
Family & relationships:
Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?:
What are you going to do with the money?

You can play as yourself but use a celeb or survivor player as your picture. As you can see by the sheet, it's more short as a profile.

Based on your profiles, whether or not someone is injured or sick, mentally feeling well or not, etc., I guess which tribe would win the Reward and Immunity Challenges. For these I'll just link to youtube so you see how they play out.

At the end of each scene, I ask the same 2 questions:
- Do you want to align with someone? If so, who?
- Do you have a target? If so, who and why do you want them out?
PM me your answers.

Voting someone out:
- If your tribe has lost, you and your tribe will have to vote somebody out. I will ask you guys to PM me who you're voting for from your tribe.

- You can discuss or make a plea to be saved on the boards, but you may also PM a fellow player in your tribe if you want to strategize.

- In your PM with your vote, you will also give me your voting confessional, which is where a player holds up their slip of paper and says the name of the person they're voting for to the camera, and some reasons why if they have to (or even take a shot at said player).

The person with the most votes leaves.

In the event of a tie, a revote happens where everyone except for the people in the tie will PM me their new vote. If then there's still a tie, it will go to rock phase where each player, whether they had votes or not, will pick a rock from a sack. The one who draws the purple rock has to leave the game and this is completely at random.

Other choices:

Before the game starts, I want all of you to PM me what your character would say and think of some of their fellow players based on their profile. I also want you to tell me which one of them would you think makes the best leader.

You may also see a message in my posted scene to one or more players with an important choice they should tell me for the next scene.

The sole survivor:
The last person standing will win a million dollars. But you will have to go through a long 39 days living on a deserted island and go through Tribal Councils where you have to avoid being voted off.

Once there are only 3 people left, the Final Tribal Council happens. Here, all three of you have a chance to plead to the jury why you deserve to win. The jury consists of the last few contestants who have been voted out and they get the chance to ask you questions. Then finally each juror will PM me who they want to win. So you might want to keep people on your good side!

This will be a more interactive game with possibly shorter scenes. A lot depends on you guys!

Any interest??

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Hey, Ri! Been a long time. How have you been?

I don´t have a lot time or any ideas for a profile at the moment, but I am going to think about this.

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Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Hey Ri! 👋

Hey Dino! 👋

...same here! Busy, but would definitely be up for this! 😊

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Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Hi guys! Glad you're interested. I haven't been replying yet because I'm mostly waiting for more players haha.

I've been busy mostly, holiday, preparing for a new studies (beautician), trying to juggle a new house with roommates, family, love, dancing and health.

You guys ok?

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

I'm doing well. Hoping I can get my Predator RPG going. I'm hoping to give you a profile sometime this week.

"It's only a movie, and, after all, we're all grossly overpaid." Alfred Hitchcock

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

I've been busy mostly, holiday, preparing for a new studies (beautician), trying to juggle a new house with roommates, family, love, dancing and health.

Ooh. Should I be worried, Ri? Do I have competition... 😜

Glad about the rest (especially love and health!).

Yeah. All fine here. Mostly!

I will also try to finish my profile (I have started!)...

...but been such a while that I really want to savour the moment! Lol. 😄

EDIT: Just had a thought, Ri...I don't suppose anyone from the Battle Royale board would be interested in this, would they? I remember there were a few people from over there in your Battle Royale RPG?

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Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

This sounds interesting. I've only seen a little survivor (though it seems at least kinda similar to Big Brother), but I would definitely have some interest in this. Anything I should keep in mind when playing/making the character?

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

You should post this on the other games board they have lots of survivor fans there.

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Just a quick bump because I'm really excited to see a few players here. Can't wait for those profiles! You can just use yourself as an example.

One thing I do need to add (forgot in the OP) that for looks, please describe the clothes that your character is wearing. This is important because you start the game with only the clothes on your back, a piece of swimwear and one warm piece of clothing for during the nights. You also get to keep one pair of comfortable shoes to walk in (aside from the ones you're wearing). So think carefully about how you're going to get the most out of the little stuff you get to take with you.

This game definitely is similar to Big Brother, it is also about aligning with people, being strategic but also getting people to like you and vote for you.

And yes, Elphie, I am dancing but don't worry about any competition. I am in ballroom and latin, not your discipline, so we'll never be head-to-head in that area. ^^ And I'm only an intermediate.

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

I want to put in my character who, depending on how many people we get, is an early boot or could be adopted by someone.

Aside from personality, it's mostly done and I hope it can also give you guys some direction and ideas of what to do for your character.

Name: Andy King
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: College student with a soccer scholarship.
Appearance: Average height and weight, slightly more built with toned legs from years of playing soccer. He has dark hair reaching his ears, a bit of facial hair, brown eyes that glisten a lot and give him a bit of a 'vulnerable' expression.
His clothes are a blue striped t-shirt with a similar blue t-shirt underneath, jeans shorts, his soccer shoes, a long warm grey vest during the nights and black swim shorts.
Your strengths:
- Teamworker: He grew up as the 3rd of 4 boys has always had to share something from early age (room, candy, etc.) and it helped him playing soccer, where he once again had to work together to reach the goal. He brings people together easily and is good at giving pep-talks. Being a defender on the team definitely helps, too.
- Friendly: Andy likes getting along with everyone and always tries to create a positive atmosphere. He likes talking to and meeting new people and doesn't really join in on gossip or trash talking. There will be many people who won't mind aligning with him.
- Fit & fast: Years of playing soccer have given him a good physique and he's pretty fit. He's used to having to run around for a long time giving him quite some stamina and being able to outrun people for a while.
Your weaknesses:
- Pushover: As the downside of being liked, Andy will often need only a little convincing to go along with what people want and people know this about him. Some of the more aggressive or manipulative players may see him as an easy target to use because he'll mostly just do what they want.
- Forgiving: Because he'd like everyone to just get along, he tends to brush things aside and accept things that he maybe shouldn't, or at least should expect a decent apology for. He's had a fairly easy childhood and been raised with lots of optimism, so he genuinely thinks that people can change. Even *ssholes.
- Stuffs things down: In order to keep the peace and keep things positive, as an addition to the above, he tends to just swallow whatever he's feeling and brush it aside for the sake of getting along. He's not always in tune with his feelings and often laughs things off, even when he really should be worried. It has also kept him from making a lot of very close friends, he's more of an every-man's friend but his deeper friendships can be counted on one hand.
Your fears: Loneliness. He knows he's a fun, nice guy so he can get people to keep him company, but on his own, without direction from someone else, he would be quite uncomfortable and wouldn't really know what to do.
Family & relationships: Father, Frank, a construction worker; mother, Marissa, a high school teacher of English; older brothers Brady and Kevin; younger brother Greg.
Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?: "I am good at making connections and can get along with anyone. I would make sure to play as fairly as possible without much blood on my hands. People would want to vote for me because I hadn't done much to p*ss them off."
What are you going to do with the money? "Pay off any money for school and buy a car so I can drive myself home when I want to see my family, or just need to go somewhere. Public transport takes such a long time!"

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

So I still need to work on why I should be the sole survivor which I will do within the next few days, but I wanted to get this posted.

Name: Eric West
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mechanic
Shaggy brown hair. Average height. Not too muscular, but has some definition. While he has a serious look about him, he has a smile that can light up a room.
His clothes are a button down shirt, blue jeans and work boots (gym shoes alternately.) He has a hooded sweat shirt for the nights and a pair of blue and black swim trunks.
Personality: Friendly, but competitive. Eric loves a challenge and won't back down. He believes you can overcome any obstacle if you try hard enough. Eric is also a but of a risk taker, he knows it could cost him big, but he also knows that the pay off will be worth if it works. Despite his competitiveness Eric also has a charismatic and friendly side. He seems to get along well with almost everyone and can often be the life of the party.
Your strengths:
Charisma: Eric has a way with people and they seem to get along with him almost instantly.
Determined: Eric never backs down from a challenge and refuses to give up.
Patience: Years of working on cars has taught him that success takes hard work and time.
Your weaknesses: 
Impulsiveness: Eric has a tendency to be impulsive. This can pay off sometimes, but it can also cost him big.
Over confident: Due to his competitive side and his determination Eric tends to be over confident in his abilities.
Copes with humor: Though he is hardworking he has trouble coping with things like loss and uses humor which sometimes causes him to lose focus of his goals.
Your fears: Rejection. Eric has always got along well with people and doesn't know what he would do if he met someone he couldn't get along with.
Family & relationships: Ellen West-Mother, a nurse
Jim West-Father, a cop,
Jennifer Cole-Girlfriend, student
Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?: 
What are you going to do with the money Buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend and put a down payment on a house.

"It's only a movie, and, after all, we're all grossly overpaid." Alfred Hitchcock

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Thanks for the character, dino. I'll be thinking of mine for Predator and post it as soon as I can.

Everyone who offered, yes, please do tell anyone you think might be interested. Friends, other boards...

This needs more sign-ups and I can't start before having a cast, so don't be shy and tell others for me. That'd be great!!

To keep this going, I may just post two more throwaways I have been thinking of.

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Hi! If I can have more than one spot let me know! Also, please shoot me a PM when we are starting. I frequent IMDb but not this particular board. Also, I used to participate in your Horror & Other RPG's and they were great!

Name: Tia Sanderson
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Occupation: Intern at Stone Ward PR Agency in Chicago, Illinois
Personality: Bubbly, well spoken, smart thinker, background in public relations helps her choose her words wisely. Loves to win!
Your strengths: Smart thinker, Smooth with her words, physically fit, strategic mindset
Your weaknesses: can be emotional, cares very easily for others, and trusting
Your fears: SPIDERS!
Family & relationships: She comes from an upper-middle class family in Chicago. She is single and recently got out of a 3 year relationship. She has 3 brothers, no sisters.
Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?: I should be the soul survivor because I am well rounded and will play the best social game!
What are you going to do with the money? With the money, she would be more comfortable applying for PR Agencies outside of the city of Chicago because she would be able to afford moving out of the apartment that her parents are paying for. She also hopes to donate some of her money to Boys & Girls Club of America because she had a passion for volunteering there during her high school years. With the rest, she plans to give some to her parents and then pay back some on her loans.


Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Hey, thanks for signing up. Well, I was going to ask people to just make a second character, but another user also offered to tell some people to join, so I hope I can hold that out for a little longer.

You know... guys, no, never mind. Go make a second character if you want to. If I get some last minute sign-ups, the cast will just be a little bigger.

Were you there around the time when we didn't have the RPG board yet? I think for a while we were merged with the Other Games board and I remember a lot of conflict between the two groups.

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Adding another NPC to the bunch, unless you want to play him of course.

Name: Gavin McCoy
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Works as a dishwasher/waiter at his parents' restaurant.
Appearance: Gavin is shorter than the average guy and has a normal build. Looks young because of his face. Cropped dark blond hair. Cheerful smile and has an exaggerated laugh and his voice can rise over others with ease, especially when enthusiastic. He dresses fashionable yet casual and thinks confidence is your best asset. Has some mannerisms such as clicking his tongue and hanging backwards that may make him come off cocky.

He wears a green t-shirt and beige shorts with worn-down sneakers to the game, red/black swim shorts and an oversized black hoodie for during the nights.

Gavin's life changed when his family got into a car accident when he was 15, which severely injured his father and left him unable to work. Which then meant overtime for his mother and the other staff at the restaurant his parents own and their income went down massively. Thankfully, his father recovered but during that time, Gavin had gotten quite depressed, feeling helpless and angry, taking it out on his classmates and eventually falling into a bad crowd, which he got out of when he was caught shoplifting.

He loves to have fun, even if this means breaking a rule or two. He has his own ideas of what rules make sense and which ones don't . A realist – life’s tough, so it’s up to you to make the most of it. Is perfectly aware of just how lucky he is to have survived his car accident, so he enjoys life to the fullest, claiming the only things to regret are missed opportunities. There are moments he feels down, and then he’s quiet and absent-minded. Can feel self-conscious, but doesn’t overdo it. With his friends, he's generous and supportive, but keeps that mischievous streak. He's forgiving, but if you’ve crossed the line with him too many times, he will stop talking to you.

He doesn’t talk much about his personal life – others have no concern with it. He hates whiners! Then, seeing his old, naïve self in others, he acts underhanded, which he plays off as “just giving them a reality check”. He feels his past has moulded him into a stronger, more perceptive person and thinks he let himself be taken advantage of. Everyone does things for a reason and people who say someone's a bad person are sanctimonious.
Your strengths:
- His confidence. When he has to achieve something, he gives it his all and if there’s a setback, he tries to overcome it. No, he won’t always come out on top, but tries to come as close as possible and stays positive. He also takes insults on the chin and can laugh at his mistakes.
- Has a great poker face, thanks to his past with shoplifting. This has also made him very perceptive and given him a good eye for detail. With subtleties in body language or voice, nothing goes unnoticed by him and thanks to this, he has a keen judge of character.
- He works well under stress – he’s not one to freak out and actually thrives under pressure. Sure he can panic or get mad, but it's more internal. He holds his own when other's don't - it doesn't shake him up.
Your weaknesses:
- Manipulative: He still has a bit of his dark side in him. You have to know him well to sense when he’s lying or trying to elicit something from you. He has no qualms with lying or using others as a last resort. But once found out, no way people will trust him again...
- Insensitive: Due to his own bad experiences, he’s quick to judge others who, in his opinion, have gone through less than him and “no right to complain” and can make some really sh*tty remarks towards them. If you’re not as tough as him, you’re feeling sorry for yourself basically.
- Unreliable: His idea of loyalty is quite lax. Saved for friends (or close allies in the game), it’s often vague where you truly stand with him. He wants to get something out of everything he does and will change his mind if it's more beneficial to him.
Your fears: Being restricted, unable to move (literally and figuratively), authority abusing their power.
Family & relationships: Mother, Kara: Chef at their family restaurant. Father, Mike: Working behind the scenes for the restaurant. He always supported Gavin, even during his delinquent phase, which means more to him than he can put to words. Younger sisters Abby and Hannah; dog, Spike, a stray.
He still lives at home, as he is not in college (he realized he needs a year off to work and find out what he's good at).
Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?: "I am a hard worker, I don't give up and I can tough it out when other's can't. I was born to survive!"
What are you going to do with the money? Buy something nice for himself, find an apartment he can rent - moving out, baby! - and also help out his parents at their family restaurant financially.

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

I was there at that time! I was even around before we got moved there when we were on the Scream board. I came here when they created this for us and it was really active at first then died down.

Name: Kenneth Owens
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep in Washington DC
Personality: Open book that is very talkative and makes friends easily. He's very intelligent and was raised by his grandfather. He is a ladies man and has no plans of settling down but is very charming. He loves sports.
Your strengths: Intellegient, Athletic, & Charming
Your weaknesses: Girls, Trust issues
Your fears: Not being wanted
Family & relationships: Raised by his grandpa in DC. Has trust issues after his mom left him with his grandpa. Has one younger son by his ex girlfriend.
Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?: I should be the soul survivor because I am charming yet humble and will do whatever it takes to win this money for my family.
What are you going to do with the money? With the money, I want to go back to school to become a doctor. I also want to save some for my son's future and buy my grandpa's home.



Re: Survivor: Samoa game - any interest?

Wow, so you've been here as long as I was, yeah, it was really hard seeing the boards die down like that. They've had some waves of activity but it was never for long anymore. It's sad but real life I guess.

Guys I do really love how none of these characters so far give me a strong "oh that's just like [insert Survivor player here]". Maybe a bit more the type of character Survivor loves casting but none that seem like close copies. I like and keep this up guys.

A nice villain or two (m/f) would be great too, don't worry, just because they're the villain doesn't mean they can't win. It's also about how you play it. Survivor has had people who played hard and/or lied and manipulated a lot win because they were also charming or respected.

And with the few new characters I'm going to divide the first bunch. Get two bags, one with names and one with the tribe names and put them together. Stay tuned.

The first six characters will be put into their tribes!


Eric, you'll be in Foa Foa


Kenneth, you'll be on the Galu tribe

Next up is...

Cathy, your tribe will be Galu as well. Say hi to your new tribe mate.

Then we have...

Gavin, you will be on the Foa Foa tribe with Eric.

Then we have...

Tia, you are joining the Galu tribe with Kenneth and Cathy.

Which means that Andy, you are on the Foa Foa tribe with Kenneth and Gavin so far.

I'll divide the rest of them once I have the characters. ;)

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - first choices pre-pilot!

All right you guys!

For every player, please think of what you want your character/characters to do as they arrive on the island.

I'm going to work these into the first episode. After you've canoed towards the island and taken your spot at one of the mats (purple for Galu, yellow for Foa Foa), Jeff Probst, the host, will talk to you and end with some questions.

As usual, Survivor starts with gathering supplies. On the big boat behind you, about 100 metres from the shore, many piles of supplies are lying around on the boat. Two rafts with some oars are floating in front of the boat, one for each tribe, ready to be loaded with supplies.

Once Probst gives you the sign, you will swim over towards the boat and then have 2 minutes to grab as many things as you can. All of these can be useful at camp. But which ones will you chose?

Remember that you don't have enough time to get everything. So what are you going to do?

Please give me 5 items that you will grab. You can then also add one more as an "in case everything else is already gone" thing. Also tell me which of these your character/characters would go for first. Which one is your top priority?

Don't worry, there are no wrong choices, but the things you take will affect the storyline. Some things can be more useful than others of course. You can take two of the same item should you want to.

- 5 kilogram bag of rice (3 available)
- 5 kilogram bag of beans (3 available)
- machete
- knife
- cans and pots of canned vegetables or fruit (10 available)
- coconuts
- bunch of bananas (2)
- canteen filled with water (10)
- empty canteens (10)
- fire-making tools (flint, etc.)
- carpeting tools (hammer, nails, etc.)
- rope (2 available)
- fishing gear (1 set)
- chopped bamboo (as much as you want)
- chopped wood (as much as you want)
- a coop with 3 chickens
- a coop with 1 chicken
- comfort items set (2 pillows, a blanket and mat)
- pots and pans
- cooking utensils, knives, forks, spoons, plates and cups (just say how many you grab)
- tarp/sheet to lie under

Happy hunting ;)

Re: Survivor: Samoa game - first choices pre-pilot!

OMG! So excited... 😵

...but do we tell you our choices here on the thread or PM them to you!?

Oh! And Cathy says hello to her fellow tribe-mates! GO GALU! 🙋

...and Ri, I totally plan on writing a second character (over the weekend), if that's okay? 😊

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Re: Survivor: Samoa game - first choices pre-game!

Elphie, sure, go ahead and make that next character. The sooner the cast is full, the sooner we can begin.

Once I have all the profiles, we can start voting for which member of Galu and Foa Foa will be the leader, and that person will get another choice before the first episode.

And you can post it here or in PM. On the boards is easier to keep track of, but PM will make it more spontaneous for the other players.

I am thinking of adding another female character in late 30's to add some variety to the age range.

Re: Survivor: Samoa sign-ups! 5 spots left -1st choice for everyone pre-

Tia grabs:
- - a coop with 3 chickens
- canteen filled with water (10)
- fishing gear (1 set)

Ken grabs:
- 5 kilogram bag of rice (3 available)
- fire-making tools (flint, etc.)
- machete


Re: Survivor: Samoa game sign-ups! 7 spots left

Name: Catherine (Cathy) Carlisle.

Age: 30.

Gender: Female.

Occupation: Professional ballet dancer (corps de ballet).


Notes: Cathy always has her hair within in a bun (an old habit as a ballet dancer). She is (obviously) very balletic and always has perfect posture (which she also expects from everyone else!). Cathy starts the experience with a white camisole-style vest (cotton), navy-blue tailored shorts (cotton) and an old pair of trainers (sneakers!) (no socks). She also has a black knitted wrap-cardigan for the nights and a purple and white one-piece swimsuit.


Cathy has followed orders all of her life (from her family, as a dancer and especially with the corps de ballet) and is now ready (actually, determined) to demonstrate her leadership skills. She will definitely exert herself as a leader and will be reluctant to relinquish her leadership to anyone. This is not due to the fact that she is bossy, or controlling – but more due to the fact that she has always had to follow someone else’s instructions and demands. At thirty years old, Cathy is finally ready to be the one in charge! She wishes for her own independence and the chance to shine as an individual.

Cathy is very focused (very intent). Her focus is very intense (and can almost be considered scary). She will always be utterly dedicated / committed to the finished product / objective and will always see every venture through to the end (regardless of what may happen). She will never submit to anyone or quit and will never admit defeat. She is definitely a fighter to achieve and to succeed. She cannot be distracted and is not easily swayed. She knows her own mind and will not be influenced. It is almost impossible to change her mind. She is also a perfectionist and expects perfection from everyone else (no excuses!).

Cathy is very motherly (as a mother who expects her children to do exactly as mother says), and has a tendency to gravitate to (who she considers) the weaker characters (to mother them). She will naturally gravitate towards the weak and the wounded (emotionally and physically). She prefers to be needed rather than need. She prefers to do rather than have done for her. She prefers to be active and cannot sit still (she will often practice her ballet when there is nothing more to do). She can be very defensive (especially on behalf of others) and can certainly hold her own against anyone else.

Your strengths:

Leadership: Cathy is very astute and therefore she can be a very strategic thinker. She can often predict situations and always strategies for contingency. She likes to have a Plan B. And a Plan C. Plan D. Plan E. And so on. She can plan. She can organise. She can delegate. And she can do. She can often recognise the strengths within others (even when they cannot), and can always determine the best person for the job. She remains calm and cool within an emergency, and remains control of herself throughout various difficult and stressful situations.

Team Player: As a dancer (especially with the corps de ballet), Cathy is very, very aware of what it really means to be a team player. She understands how important each and every member of the team can be and will never forget so. She will work with her team through any venture (regardless of any personal or individual feelings), and will never leave anyone behind (even if she dislikes you!). A team is a team to Cathy (regardless of whether you even like the team), and you must always do your best with whatever you have and despite the circumstances (the objective is more important than who is on the team).

Protective: Cathy has a very motherly instinct and this often demonstrates with a very protective and very defensive nature towards those she considers her friends. She will literally bay for the blood of anyone who dares to upset or hurt anyone within her circle of friends!

Your weaknesses:

Aloof: Cathy can appear rather aloof (especially with those she doesn’t really know), and has a tendency to believe that you should live by her own standards. She can therefore appear rather snobbish and even standoffish at times (especially if she is questioned or disagreed with). She is especially snobbish / standoffish with those who she considers uncouth. She does have the (unfortunate) tendency to believe that she is always right – so she can be very much her way, or the highway!

Moody: Cathy will always play as part of the team (regardless of who is in charge)…but when she believes that she is right / that she knew best then she will not be afraid to remind you (at every opportunity). She will be the first to say: I told you so…! She will do whatever is asked of her…but not without complaint. She will often appear stubborn as she does so. She will definitely voice her opinion. Her disagreement. And even her disdain. She can appear rather sullen and most would be rather nervous / even reluctant to approach her when she appears in such a mood.

Ballet: Cathy literally eats, sleeps and lives ballet. This can be kinda annoying for some as this is really all Cathy knows about life. She isn’t really up to date with current affairs and doesn’t really know much about the next generation (let alone her own!). She never really did what some would consider normal as a teenager (such as parties or clubs), and can appear rather detached / distanced when others are chilling / relaxing (as she doesn’t know how to do this herself). Cathy can appear very serious about life and doesn’t really know how to have fun (she appears almost awkward).

Your fears:

Failure: Cathy fears failure as a dancer and failure as a daughter. She fears that she has already failed as a dancer as she has never progressed beyond the corps de ballet (and is therefore more than unlikely to achieve Prima ballerina assoluta). Her participation within Survivor is the first (and only) time that she has ever defied her parents. She knows that she has to succeed at Survivor or her parents are likely to never forgive her (and more likely to never allow her to forget the experience!).

Family & relationships:

Cathy is the only child of Lucas and Lavinia Carlisle. Lucas and Lavinia were both lead principals with the English National Ballet. Lucas retired as a principal to choreograph for the company, whilst Lavinia retired shortly after she was awarded the title of Prima ballerina assoluta (which she always intended for Cathy to achieve the same). Lavinia currently teaches ballet for the English National Ballet School. Cathy’s parents are not overly happy, or pleased with the fact that she has decided to participate within Survivor (especially Lavinia…who believes that ballerinas should not expose themselves to such conditions and fears that this could destroy Cathy’s chances for the title of Prima ballerina assoluta!).

Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?:

Cathy: “This isn’t only my experience but everyone’s experience. This is a shared adventure and so this isn’t really about me…this is about us. And so, I wouldn’t like to consider myself as the sole survivor…as we’re all survivors. Every single one of us. So, I would like to consider myself, not as sole survivor, but as that one survivor to be the one to help my comrades and my friends within this experience to not only find themselves but to find the survivor within them.”

What are you going to do with the money?

Cathy: “I would like to start a programme of education within the performance arts for children and adults who may not have access to the arts. I would love for this programme to provide education within the arts for those who may be considered underprivileged or unable to access the arts due to difficulty or disability. This money would enable me to buy property, employ fully qualified staff and initiate such a programme.”

ELPHABA: Eleka Nahmen Nahmen Ah Tum Ah Tum Eleka Nahmen.

Re: Survivor: Samoa sign-ups! 5 spots left -1st choice for everyone pre-

Name: Ariana Morrisey.

Age: 24.

Gender: Female.


Ariana is currently unemployed (as she was recently fired from Cosmopolitan (magazine) (where she was a receptionist). She was fired as she was always late and often failed to appear for work at all).


Ariana will start the experience with white strappy sandals and a large white shirt over her flesh-coloured bikini. She also has a large (very oversized) grey hooded sweater for the night (an old sweater from an ex-boyfriend).


Ariana loves life. And she loves to live life! Every day is a party with Ariana (regardless of whether you wish to attend the party or not!). Ariana is a party-animal (there isn’t one day of the week when she isn’t at some party), and she is always considered the life and soul of every party. She loves to have fun and loves to entertain the boys (often with her body, as she is not shy). She loves to dance (often provocatively), and never fails to amuse and entertain with her antics at parties. She will always be the first to strip naked at a party, and loves to skinny-dip. You will never be bored with Ariana and she loves to have a laugh (though often at the expense of others).

Ariana thrives on attention (especially from males), and can appear sullen and annoyed when she is not the centre of attention. She is very manipulative with her beauty, and her sexuality, and will often use these to her advantage to get what she desires (from men). She can play the ‘poor little me’ card very well. She only has to flutter her lashes and pout her lips and she will have every man at her feet (regardless of their wives and girlfriends!). She loves to be desired by men (as many as possible at any one time), and loves to be lavished with expensive gifts and adoration from the opposite sex. She loves to be worshipped and thrives on compliments. She loves to flirt and is very tactile with the boys. She doesn’t really have any personal boundaries and definitely doesn’t respect those of anyone else (especially those of the boyfriends of other girls!). Ariana will often base her opinion of men (and her relationship with them) on what they can do for her and what they can give her. Ariana is especially money-orientated and will automatically gravitate towards those with money, and social status (regardless of their age).

Ariana can be very loud and very boisterous (especially vocally). You will always hear her voice (and only her voice) in a crowd. She has to be heard above all. She is deliberately loud to ensure that she has everyone’s attention and cannot speak quietly (even if she tried!). She says what she thinks and doesn’t consider the consequences (often without any consideration for the feelings of others). Ariana has a tendency to shriek when she laughs (even though this is even exaggerated for effect). She is often overly dramatic for the attention and will often react most dramatically to any situation or event (again…for effect!). Very OTT with her reactions. She is very lively and animated (very expressive with her hands and facial expressions) when she speaks.

Ariana wishes that everyone could be as carefree and as much of a party-animal as she is (and will try her hardest to make everyone so). She doesn’t have a single care in the world and she doesn’t allow anything to worry, or concern her. She is very much about live for today, and don’t worry about tomorrow. She really doesn’t like to hear about anyone else’s problems or worries and will blatantly appear disinterested (and may even walk away). She will often create a scene / a fuss to divert attention away from the speaker (when she isn’t the centre of attention herself).

Ariana will definitely be loyal to the boys and will expect loyalty (and a whole lot more) in return from them. She will expect to be loved. Adored. And cherished. She will probably lead them into trouble with her antics (such as stealing clothes or hiding food), but they will certainly have fun with Ariana. She definitely cannot keep a secret and absolutely loves to gossip (especially about other people).

Your strengths:

Exposure: Due to her rather hedonistic lifestyle, Ariana is almost acclimatised to a life of exposure. She spends all day in the sun and all night at beach parties and pool-parties. She is barely indoors. And most of the time she is dressed in very little (if any more than a bikini!). She is never bothered by the heat and she barely notices the cold. She isn’t bothered by the rain (she’s often partied in such weather), and has often slept outside on sun-loungers and even pool inflatables (though normally whilst intoxicated!).

Water Baby: Ariana is a natural water baby, since she has spent so much of her life beside the pool (either at pool-parties or merely sunbathing). She loves the water and can literally swim like a fish.

Manipulative: Give Ariana an army of men and she could have them build her a palace in a day. She is an expert at manipulation and can always manipulate a man into doing what she wishes. Ariana is far from stupid and she will utilise this manipulation to her own advantage. She will definitely play to have the boys as her comrades throughout the experience.

Your weaknesses:

Alcohol: Ariana loves her alcohol (as this usually fuels her all-night parties!). She struggles when she doesn’t have alcohol (usually on a daily basis), and is likely to appear very stroppy and irritable when denied alcohol.

Relationships with women: Ariana is really only interested in the opposite sex and struggles to relate to other females (and certainly struggles to live / work with them!). She prefers the attention of males and will often detach / distance herself from other women. She is often very bitchy, and very derogatory towards other women and will be quite content to argue / fight with them (often highlighting / targeting their weaknesses).

Lazy: Ariana is incredibly lazy (she would much rather sit and sunbathe), and prefers to have everything done for her (rather than do for herself). Ideally, she would love for the other contestants to act as her staff (or even servants). If she is specifically asked to do something then Ariana will find a way to avoid work and will have (manipulate) someone else to do the job. However, she is more than happy to accept the recognition and praise for herself when the job is done (often failing to mention that someone else did the job for her).

Your fears:

Poverty: Ariana is terrified by the thought of poverty, and the thought of a life without money. She is very materialistic and always has to have the best of everything (especially clothes and shoes).

Family & relationships:

Ariana is the only daughter of Andy and Letitia Morrisey, and has a twin brother (Alexander). Alexander is literally the male equivalent of his sister and also enjoys a very hedonistic lifestyle. Andy Morrisey is a self-made millionaire (after he started an internet dating company at college), and Letitia is a very content housewife and (occasional) mother. The Morrisey family actually have a full staff and Letitia spends as much time as her children (who she often forgets) by the side of the pool. Andy has recently threatened to disinherit his daughter and refuse her weekly allowance unless she can demonstrate some responsibility, and find a job for herself (that she can keep for longer than one week!). She decided to do Survivor instead…

Why do you think you should be the sole survivor?:

Ariana: “I should be the sole survivor because I will literally be the party from start ‘till finish! And with Ariana…the party never ends! Woohoo…!”.

What are you going to do with the money?

Ariana: “I am going to spend the money on organising the world’s biggest party! It will last for days. And everyone is invited. So bring your boyfriends and bring your husbands! I already have the location…Matira Beach in Bora Bora. Because the internet said this is one of the most popular beaches. And the photographs on Google are totally awesome! Woohoo!”.

ELPHABA: Eleka Nahmen Nahmen Ah Tum Ah Tum Eleka Nahmen.

Re: Survivor: Samoa sign-ups! 5 spots left -1st choice for everyone pre-

Hey hey.

Yess, that's what I was thinking of. I love her energy already, she's a bit of a villain but not villain-villain if you know what I mean. More just someone who causes chaos and stirs things up instead of the kind that deliberately screws people over.

Funnies thing, I had been working on a character like that but I'm changing her a little now. Will be just hilarious to have them both on the same tribe.

Re: Survivor: Samoa sign-ups! 5 spots left -1st choice for everyone pre-

Hehe. I was hoping that you would know exactly how to read this character... 😉

Ooh! Hope that she wasn't too similar to your character and you haven't had to alter her too much! 😖

ELPHABA: Eleka Nahmen Nahmen Ah Tum Ah Tum Eleka Nahmen.