Special and Visual Effects : Making someone look as if theyre floating (horizontally) ?

Making someone look as if theyre floating (horizontally) ?

I guess similar to some supernatural movies where someone floats above their bed, is there a way to do this outside (without wires and a crane?)

I have access to a great green screen studio on campus. And scene/shot isnt a long one. One way is to have them lie down and mask the object theyre lying on, then after effects them to look like theyre floating. It's just the close ups / medium shots of them lifting up and floating down is harder to shoot.

We just want to make it look like one of the characters calls the other, and floats them over (in an outside, wooded setting.) If you could help me out, I'd truly appreciate it.

Re: Making someone look as if theyre floating (horizontally) ?

It's hard to give advice on it without knowing a lot more detailed information, i.e shot type and any moves, actor positioning and even what the set is like.

I'd suggest shooting a clean slate with a locked camera and set dressed as it needs to before the actors come in. Then run the scene with the same locked camera angle and then using masking layer techniques in something like After Effects blending the shots together, feather the edges between the shots and a bit and you've got a seamless blend.

I've used that technique before with some wonderful results, but as I said a lot depends on your shot particular.

Re: Making someone look as if theyre floating (horizontally) ?

Well, I'm not sure it fits your profile, but for one episode of Star Trek TNG, they had someone abducted from his bed in his quarters, the person floated horizontally off of the bed and into a white light. (Schisms, i think it was)

This was done by having a stunt man jump past a green screen and the camera placed on its side, so his falling motion looked like floating motion.

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