The Dojo : Is Donna actually a black woman?

Is Donna actually a black woman?

I just saw Deliciousfeet's video which centred on an apparent rant from Donna. It was very funny but got me to thinking - is she actually a black woman?

I know that Sophie pretends to be a woman (Sometimes an "Asian" one at that) as well as other "Women" and there are plenty of catfish callers under various guises but Donna seems to really focus on being black, like it's a thing.

I've got tonnes of black friends and their being black rarely, if ever, comes up in regular conversation. Sure there might be a topic were it is an important factor which is worthy of discussion but generally we discuss what people discuss - life and shiz.

So, is Donna actually black or is it just a caricature made which plays up to stereotypes and, if that is the case, isn't that a bad thing to promote to the world as a de facto starting point of a person's character?

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