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Best visual effects till date

I think that Transformers (2007) has the most real looking visual effects till date other than Jurrasic Park. In some scenes the reflections and all that stuff looks really detailed and cool. I know that the movie has its flaws as it is a Michael Bay movie but visual effects are great.

What do you think?????

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Transformers would have been a great film if they hadn't completely forgotten about the potentially epic story they were telling and the characters caught in the middle of it. I went in expecting a first film of what could generate something like Pirates of the Caribbean, but the film didn't even get up from the ground in my view. It was just a SFX festival.

It had so much potential and they ended up spending so much time showing off special effects that it got tiring after a while.

The ffects are great, but that was its only strength in my view.

What other effects were the best?
I won't mention Jurassic Park because in today's standards, they are not the best. though they still look damn good.
If we are going to completely forget about the balance bewteen characters and story and the special effects, then some scenes in King Kong are up there, like the centipede when Ann Darrow is inside a rotting log, as is Davy Jones face from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest".

"Avatar" (2009) should do some ground breaking work as well.

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Transformers - I love that movie - saw it in theatre for... lets say many times. Epic, great, beautiful, stupid (who cares). But metal effects are much easier to make than fur or fire. Davy Jones is impressive, true. Nearly perfect CGI creation as well as King-Kong.

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Still the most realistic special effects I have ever seen.

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'2001' is my pick.

There is so much reality in that film.And this film was released in 1968.An incredible achievement in special effects.

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It's hard for me to really give credit to 'Transformers' seeing as how they opted to go with integration and reflective lighting over properly choreographed battles and maintaining at least SOME SORT OF PHYSICS in regard to the action. For what ILM achieved in terms of seamless integration, they also failed where it mattered most, but I guess some of that blame falls on Bay's inability to direct proper action sets.

To me, the best VFX still remain in films like 'Terminator 2' and 'Jurassic Park'-- and more recently: 'District 9', 'Avatar', 'Real Steel', etc. It should be really interesting to see how far simul-cam motion-capture goes from here... it's easily the best evolutionary tool of CGI in quite some time.