Special and Visual Effects : cgi and visual effects contacts, general questions.

cgi and visual effects contacts, general questions.


in short i am looking to use gci,visual effects for my own movie purposes. i am looking to create films or certain set pieces ect using cgi and visual effects techniques.

now as i am very new to this whole area, i would like to ask for some advice on here about how do i find and contact visual effect companys to to ask them to make me or to discuss using them for my work?, i have briefly searched on here for some links to some companys but i cannot find any links or contact information from various companys.

would and are top cgi/visual companys like pixar or the cgi company that was used in the movie sklyline, be willing to work with an independent person like myself, of course for a price?.

can anybody help in providing me with links to such companys i.e. contact details for which i can get in touch with these people, thank you.

also is there technology availaible that can create any movie whther it be real motion or animation ala pixar ect or cartoon format. i.e. to create a movie or story from scratch, in any location, any scenario with any charachters of choosing?, or which could also create or differ, and alternate current movies to edit certain or change certain scenes from current movies that exist to put in a scene, change of dialogue, change of charachter or alternate certain scenes?, is there a software or technology that can do that.

i have millions to spend, but am very much greene in this whole area becuase i am in no way involved in the movie making industry but am a big movie buff and would like the use of cgi/visual effect technology to use for my own pleasure or purposes. likewise why i said about a technology which could create any set piece because although it would have to be a patent to me, so i could not make and distribute movies for a gain, i could live out fantasys and make and crate my own scenarios just for own private viewing pleasure.

can any fellow members on here help me out?

Thank you, Regards...

Re: cgi and visual effects contacts, general questions.

As of cartoon, you can always use the stop-motion technique just like Robot Chiken... It takes alot of patience but its fun to work out. As of animation companies, all I know is that Montreal is reknown for that type of stuff.