Goofs : Few Goofs I noticed in American Graffiti 1 & 2

Few Goofs I noticed in American Graffiti 1 & 2

This was something I overlooked and like many other have. In both movies the Deuce Coupe does not have a drivers mirror. The only time the car has a mirror is in AG2 at the tail end of the movie.

(This means any AG stuff out there with the car/mirror is wrong. In other words the photo's should say MAG instead.)

Another one was the plate on the front of the car. In AG2 it shows up when Milner and Ava are walking past the car. Next shot and the rest of the movie, there is no more licence plate. Even at the end when Milner drives away.

The dragster in MAG has a sticker under the motor that is round and on a flame. This sticker in a few shots was not there.

Just some stuff I noticed after watching the movies again. Does this hurt the watch factor of the movie? Nope!

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